Monday, June 09, 2008


I ended my semi-contemplative retreat with a trip to the Indigo Girls concert, which was so fabulous!  Standing room only (the venue is always standing-room, I think), packed, hot, full of dancing and singing girls (and a few boys too).  so fun!
Then I spent Saturday sleeping in (got home from the concert at 2am!) and watching part of the movie Into Great Silence, following the lives of monks.  I was too sleepy to keep up more than an hour or so, but I plan to watch the rest anytime I need beautiful visual meditation.  It's so interesting.  Also, I sort of want a monk's cowl--that's the name for that robe with a hood, right?  I so want that.  Not enough to become a monk (that would be hard) but I think it would be so comfy and useful.
Yesterday was a full day of worship (another week in the swirling vortex of despair RE children's sermons...) plus an afternoon trip to the final CSO concert of the season with some church members (they offered me a free ticket!).  It was a great concert and we ate Greek food after--yum!  I'm generally not a huge fan of spending hours upon hours with church people after a long morning people...but this was an offer I couldn't turn down.  Unfortunately I missed an awesome graduation party for one of our fabulous youth, but I hope she'll understand the double-booking problem.  I hope too that the party wasn't horribly rained out--we've had many consecutive days of thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, and various other severe weather alerts.  It's been crazy with the wind and rain around here!

Now, after that utterly boring update, I must return to reading Leviticus.  We're well on our way in the Bible in 90 Days!  I'm blogging about each day's readings over here, in case you're interested....

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  1. sounds wonderfully renewing, Teri!

    I'm jealous about the Indigo Girls concert. I haven't seen them since Lilith Fair '99.