Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Actual stuff.

I have lots and lots of stuff--way more stuff than I need.  But this week I've also been acquiring more stuff.  I got new books, a new camera (crucial for that Scotland trip that's coming up in a month!), and a new bigger memory card for said camera.  I got a new phone (at last I could upgrade--my phone was being bad, bad, bad.  It would ring continuously even though the caller was long gone.  It would randomly turn itself off and on.  The volume would change.  The display might or might not work.  awesome.)  My new phone is purple and doubles as an mp3 player.  Now I'm figuring out whether I can bluetooth my itunes over and then turn them into ringtones--fun.

I am also ordering some new clothes for my summer adventures--a bathrobe (mmm, shared bathrooms), fuzzy flipflops, t-shirts, and a waterproof jacket.  Cuz, you know, in Scotland it rains and stuff.  

I don't think I've spent so much money on myself in a long time.  It's weird and a little scary--I don't like being such a consumer or materialist, and I don't like using my credit cards, but alas....unless I'm going naked for 1-1/2 of the weeks I'm gone this summer, I'm into necessity-land here.  

Well...back to the Bible in 90 Days....

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