Tuesday, June 24, 2008

teeth gone, pain here

Okay, teeth are gone.  I really was in and out in an hour, which is good because it means no complications.  I've already been crying (cuz, ow) and so I know my sinus cavities are intact (that was a concern).  The anesthetic has worn off so I can feel and move my chin, lower lip, and tongue....and also feel everything else.  No tingling or numbness in my bottom jaw either, which means he didn't end up injuring my nerve in my bottom jaw--seriously good news!  But when I take the gauze off (it says leave it for an hour then take it off...if it keeps bleeding, bite down on teabags--been there, done that already) it hurts like a lot of curse words that are inappropriate for a non-anonymous pastor's blog.  vicodin popped, to no effect so far (1.5 hours in to the 4 hours before the next one).  angel being watched through the tears.  jamba juice is hard to eat even with a spoon...mashed potatoes have just arrived for dinner!  hopefully my jaw will stop hurting enough to eat them.  

End of update for now...

update:  gauze is off, for now...and i DO in fact have a hole into one sinus cavity.  awesome. (that was my sarcastic voice.)  Vicodin's still not good enough, in my opinion, and the whole tea-bag thing has meant I'm not even tired.  I'm going to try to be tired now...

PPS:  now I have two different antibiotics, because the surgeon is concerned about the possibility of infection due to that exciting hole.  Do I take both of them?  Or just the new one?  I guess I'll have to call in the morning, because I'm confused.  And that's not a good place to be when there are prescription medications on the line, you know?


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. Sweetie, I hope you feel better soon! Take the pain meds!! On schedule!!!

  3. Oh no! It sounds like you're having a rough time! I would demand more drugs. Whatever they gave me when I came out from the general anesthetic knocked me out for pretty much the whole day. Are you taking 2 vicodin every 4-6 hours? That's what I used, after wisdom teeth and brain surgery (500 mg tablets, I think). Good luck!

  4. they told me to take one, but then i complained and they said i could have two or add advil. i took two before bed and slept most of 8 hours, but now i hurt again so i'm up taking more, using ice, and hoping to sleep today away, unlike yesterday...

    luckily i'm not that hungry so a few mashed potatoes or a little ice cream goes a long way.

    all the swelling seems to be on the inside, which is harder to ice. at least there's no bruising so far....

  5. Oh Ter, I hope you feel better! What is the hole in the sinus cavity from?

  6. where my tooth used to be. Apparently my teeth have unusually long roots--on the bottom the roots intertwine with the nerve that runs through my jaw, and on the top they poke into my sinus cavities. It's possible I'll need another surgery to repair this hole, but we're on wait-and-see right now. Good times.

  7. O dear...been there. Take the meds and call if the meds you have aren't doing it.

    Feel better...


  8. Do the drugs on schedule or a bit ahead of schedule - don't let the pain get on top. Ice on the outside will help swelling on the inside - and sleep in a recliner or with your head/shoulder propped up might help, too. I am so sorry this has become an ORDEAL. Drink plenty of fluids esp. with all the meds. I'll keep praying for healing mercies, patient kitties and patience for the patient.