Friday, June 27, 2008

numb again...

Okay, so today I thought "I hurt more than yesterday--that can't be good." Since I was sick yesterday, I was concerned that I dislodged a blood clot in all the throwing up experience. So I went back to the doctor's office, and got the hole poked (OW!) and was told yep--blood clot gone, dry socket here. That's apparently not good. So the man (the other surgeon in the office, not the one who did my surgery--he was at the other office today) numbed me up a little, then packed it up with some kind of minty fresh dressing and now it's supposed to get all better. At least, that's the theory. Here's hoping, because I feel like a big wuss because my mouth hurts and everyone says I should be better by now. Plus I want to eat. (just sayin'.)

In other news, I got my hair cut today and it looks good again!


  1. OW... dry socket, OW. I've never had one, but they always warn against them and it sounds so painful! Hopefully this is the last obstacle in your road to recovery!

  2. Oh, man. I had that, too. no wonder you feel crummy! Hugs nad healing thoughts being sent to you, right this minute!