Thursday, June 26, 2008

things which require opening your mouth...

...that you don't really think about until that's hard.

1. putting on chapstick/rubbing lips together.
2. licking your lips.
3. talking.
4. eating with a spoon.

Okay, so that last one seems obvious, but have you ever noticed how much you need to move your jaw in order to use a spoon? I'm just saying. Wow. and Ow. It makes the ice cream eating a lot slower than it might be otherwise. Too bad straws are out of the question because dang that would be easier!

I can feel the stitches with my tongue and they are driving me crazy. They're supposed to dissolve on their own after a while, but I keep wanting to poke them. According to my instruction sheet, that's a bad idea.

The pain is significantly less today--no vicodin involved (yet, anyway), just a little advil. A lot less ice today too. Still not much outside swelling, though one of the glands/nodes in my neck is swollen and sore. Still no bruising--hallelujah! I think I'm home free on that part. I think the fever business is past and though I was sick once this morning things seem fine now, and best of all: I'm HUNGRY!!! For the first time in days. Unfortunately I can't eat much because of the aforementioned spoon problem. And I would just about kill for some tostitos and cheese dip, which are definitely out of the question (not to mention being really bad for you...).

I am going to a meeting tonight, and I am determined to be cheerful even if it is at a Mexican restaurant and I can't have a margarita. :-)


  1. Who cares if Tostidos and Cheese dip are bad for you - they're the best. Just not for you, right now.

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better!

  2. Poor girl!
    All we have here are sore teeth from over-tightened braces, but we feel your pain.

  3. Ah, I think you're being a very brave soldier for not spending the week at home on the couch with books and movies. Which is what I'd do.

  4. Umm, I spent tuesday, wednesday, and most of thursday (until right before that meeting) on the couch with books and movies. :-) I watched Bride and Prejudice, an entire season of Angel, and a few episodes of the Daily Show on I read a whole book, a bunch of the bible in 90 days readings, and two magazines. :-) I think I'm good...