Thursday, February 28, 2013


I confess that I really wanted today's word to be "listen" instead of "hear"--because it's so much easier to take a picture of listening. or of things i listen to.
But here we have it...a picture of the little gadget that allows me to hear all kinds of things. I plug my phone in and voila--whatever's in my iTunes, over the radio. Tonight it was Stuff You Missed In History Class. (who are we kidding--that's what it is a LOT of the time.) I heard all about the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's death, and about the early life of John James Audubon (I had 2 episodes worth of driving). So interesting. And you never know when you might hear the tidbit that opens up the scripture or sermon in a new way!

Day 13 of Lent photo-a-day.

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  1. hear....interesting word. Makes me think of a Christmas carol, "Do you hear what I hear?..."

    anyway, yes, the thing we might hear that take hold inside and find a way into much of our thought processes, even sermons!