Saturday, February 16, 2013


This is what I see every time I sit down, or lay down, or stop moving long enough to be colonized by a cat.
Wonder what he sees?

I hope he sees a cat mommy who loves him a lot even when she's sighing about him sitting on her book...I hope he sees someone who loves him unconditionally even when she's throwing towels at him in nail-clipping-frustration...I hope he sees someone who will do just about anything to make sure he's a happy kitty, and just about anything to bring comfort to others too...I hope he sees someone who cares a lot about the world and works to make it a better place, one cat toy and one treat at a time...I hope he sees someone who walked into a cat shelter and had her heart stolen and who continues to walk into people-shelters to have her heart broken again and again...I hope he sees someone who lives love.

(no zoom on this...he was that close to the camera.)

Andrew, half asleep
Day 3 of the Lent photo a day challenge

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