Saturday, February 23, 2013


Some of these words are hard to capture in a day-to-day life photo! I know some people are using photos they find and others are using past photos, but I've approached this challenge as "each day take a photo that illustrates the word" (well, illustrate may be the wrong Reveals?) anyway...Spirit s a hard one because one of the things about The Spirit is how elusive she is--present yet always just out of intellectual reach. And when we think about the spirit of a person or a place, how do we capture that essence in a photo?

So today I have that expresses the spirit of an animal (and those of us who love him) and one a little more tongue in cheek...

the guinny-dawg, enjoying some snow snarfing!

it was national margarita day, so of course i went to the tequila bar and had a lemon-thyme margarita. yum.

Day 9 of the Lent photo-a-day challenge