Sunday, February 17, 2013


I was wondering what kind of photo of "injustice" I could get today...and then I came home to find that a neighbor has officially been foreclosed on (we thought this was coming), and it made me think of the injustice of our housing/financial system: that you can't sell in this market, and you can't get approval for a short sale unless you're behind on payments, and you can't get Medicare to pay for long-term care unless you're bankrupt, and so many other injustices in our system....and it makes me so sad that this real-estate-reality is hurting lovely older people who have spent a lifetime being responsible and now are ending their lives as part of a statistic of "irresponsible" people.

I don't know why J had to leave her home downstairs from mine (and the fact that I know so little about my neighbors is part of my culpability in a system of injustice), but I do know that this epidemic of foreclosure and the realities of our financial system are unjust.

Day 4 of the Lent Photo-A-Day challenge


  1. Last year, my parents' neighbors received a notice that they were about to lose their house. The husband had lost his job, and they had fallen behind on payments. The neighbors negotiated with the bank to get back on track. Basically, they were told that if they paid the back debt, all would be good. So, they paid the back debt. After receiving the payment, the bank apparently changed its mind as took the house anyway. The family tried very hard to keep their house. In the end, it didn't matter.

  2. Interesting how injustice showed up in a close and personal way.

    Thank you for this, Teri.