Monday, February 18, 2013


I have mixed feelings about the word "settle"--like, should we settle for something? That implies it's not as good as what could be. and "Settle down" is often used to put women in their place. But there's also "are you settling in?" which is a lovely question about how I'm getting on and figuring things out and getting comfortable in my new space and place and role. (and yes, I'm settling in nicely!)

And then of course there's the way we use it with our pets. Guinness only settles down if someone's petting him. He likes to know you're there and that he's loved, and then he just settles right into that love--probably the way we could if we were confident of God's hand.

I mean, how adorable is he???

first Sunday in the Lent photo-a-day challenge

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  1. these days I hope to settle my heart palpitations, which seem to be hormone induced...typical stuff for an aging woman. sigh...settle into breath, settle into stillness, settle my beating heart Glad you are settling in well!