Monday, August 19, 2002

apparently Lewis and Clark are NOT the heroes we make them out to be. How distressing!

I have switched borrowed houses now. I am staying at a friend's apartment (about two blocks from my place) while I pack up and move out of my apartment. How sad to think that a week from now my place will be packed up, my furniture gone, and i'll have only two more days in Chicago!! The summer certainly has flown by.

This friend's house: very odd. No stereo/CD player. But the light and ceiling fan over the bed are operated by a remote control. There are two kettles, but no toaster. pasta in the cupboard (and in the freezer), no sauce...and no colander. no serving/stirring spoons. the refrigerator is completely empty except for a bottle of dijon mustard, a small jar of chopped garlic, and an unopened bottle of salad dressing. More cupboards are empty than have stuff in them. Now, granted, he is away for 3 weeks. But even when I'm away a whole summer, more stuff than that stays! spices...condiments...non-perishables/canned goods...hmm. The dishwasher is full of glasses (only). No bookshelves, just books on the windowsill, every table, and on the floor. And, to top it off, the shower curtain is something you would expect to find in the private bath of a has "fish" on it. alligator fish, dog fish, etc. animal faces with fish bodies. in bright colors. and it says what each one is underneath. this in a bathroom full of "Clinique for men" products. very odd indeed.

anyway, must go to bed. I am a "crew leader" for vacation bible school. which is every day this week, starting at 9:30. AM. ugh.

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