Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Time for a tiny bit of diversion, sort of. The first evening we had group discussion where each person had to answer two of the following questions. *What is your life plan? *what are your expectations/hopes for the week? *what is keeping you preoccupied? *another question that I can't remember...

So: What's your life plan? Lots of kids actually have them--but interestingly the adults all said that while they once had a plan, they've stopped planning. I don't really think it's good to have a rigid plan--because that is precisely when God will have another one. I used to have a plan: clearly I was going to be a professional clarinet player. From the time I was 11. No questions asked, just much practicing done. Good school, the best teachers, all the playing opportunities....but then it wasn't right. My plan was shattered and I needed a new one ASAP! It was quite difficult to realize that my plans are not necessarily God's plans, and it was tough for my family too. So I've learned to go with the flow a little bit. It's ok to go in a direction without knowing precisely where it will lead. It's ok not to have your entire life span planned out at age 16. It's ok not to have it planned out at 21. It's ok not to know exactly where you plan to be in 15 years at age 35! There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to let go of complete control--because that "complete control" is an illusion anyway. that's my deep thought of the day.

In a little bit of other news which is quite exciting...Bradley and Simone are engaged to be married. Congratulations!!! :-)

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