Thursday, August 22, 2002

Two minutes twelve seconds.

That's how long until my brownies are ready to come out of the oven.

Too bad I have to let them cool so they can actually be cut rather than sort of chunked or crumbled.

One minute fifteen seconds.

We had fun with the preschoolers today....loads and loads! We played outside, we played with play-do, we made "buzzoos" out of kazoos (thirty seconds left!) and sang some songs. It was pretty fun!
Only two more days!

I started packing today (there's the timer...) and managed to pack all my books, pictures, stationery, CDs, and movies, my towels, sheets, pajamas, sweatshirts, exercise clothes, shoes, socks, and underwear. Into four plastic bins, one cardboard box, and two suitcases.

I sure hope this (and all the other stuff I still have to pack, namely kitchen stuff, clothes, random things (tools, wall pictures, toiletries, etc), and stereo) will all fit into the SUV we are renting to drive my stuff down! I don't know what to do if it doesn't fit. UPS, I suppose. oy.

those brownies smell so good and i am trying so hard not to go eat them now while they are still 350 degrees...

I may have sold most of my furniture. At least I hope so! If all goes well, I only have left the two utility carts and the two barstools. please, please, please..................and please let my butcher block fit into the car! I don't want to leave it behind! I don't want to!!!

There is some cool lightning going on outside. There is clearly going to be a thunderstorm, which is good because it is ridiculously humid, and that needs to stop.
I hand-washed my jeans (because I don't know where the laundry is in this building)..I hope they dry by tomorrow because I forgot my extra clothes at my own house. Granted, it's not that far to my house and if it were really necessary I could even go there in the morning to get dressed....but I don't want to. LOL.

anyway. i need to move so I don't look at the clock every ten seconds wondering if the brownies have cooled long enough. Maybe over in the "bedroom" part it smells less like brownies. I'll try it out.

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