Sunday, August 25, 2002

Great America was so much fun! I am, however, adamant about staying off rides that go upside down. So I went on water rides, I ate junk food, I got a henna tatoo (it fades in about two weeks). I went on wooden roller coasters, on the Whizzer, and even on the Raging Bull. RB doesn't go upside down--it just has a vertical drop right away that sends you underground, then whips you all around several corners sideways, more drops, was good fun. :-) Then Clare and I decided to stay until closing (we were supposed to leave at 6) and we found a few kids who could stay too. We went on rollercoasters at night, which was so much fun! I even caved on the upside down thing. We went on the demon (which hurts your head if you're short because in corkscrews your head bounces off the harness you're in--and it hurts your ears a lot!) and then on Batman. Batman is one where you hang below the track and your feet dangle off...and it goes all around in every possible direction, REALLY FAST. THe entire ride is less than 10 seconds. I don't think I have ever had so much fun in my life. it was great. It was pitch black outside and we were flying through the air in crazy circles, rolls, turns, and who knows what else. It was fabulous.
So anyway, it was a fun day. Now today I have to pack pack pack!!!!! Mom's coming tomorrow, and I move in just three days!

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