Wednesday, August 14, 2002

budgeting is kind of hard work, isn't it?
I am working with a committee that is putting on a new worship service (in the style of Taize, for those of you just joining us). One of the things that I have to do is make sure that we use our budget wisely ($3000 to cover everything between now and the end of the calendar year). This includes pillows, art, pillar/votive candles, music, musicians, education, and advertising. Advertising is probably the single most expensive thing in the budget...but i'm suddenly wondering if there are other things that I've left out of the budget, which are going to pop up later after I've spent it all. You know? it's a little bit distressing to me. now, I'm sure that we could cover it if it was absolutely necessary, and we have actually discussed the possibility of accepting a free-will offering at the door on the way out of the service...but if possible we'd rather not do that just now, and it's never good to be over budget! It's best to come in AT budget so you can say that you need a slightly larger one for next year. Except that in this case, that's probably not true because the majority of expenses here are one-time outlays, start-up costs, etc. I'm just terrified of missing something. any ideas on what could be missing? i've covered musicians, we've already bought music and pillows, education of the committee is done, and there's money for congregational education...we've bought candles and pots and whatnot, sand comes from the playground or the beach...advertising (how much money does one allocate for "outside" advertising anyway? like ads, flyers around town/at other services/etc...)...AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even budget for myself, yet here i am budgeting a program in a large church. oy.

How much do glass bricks (from Home Depot, you know?) cost? where is the nearest fabric store? all this info i don't really have. but i have a car just now so i should figure it out ASAP!! argh.

in other news, i've watched a gazillion episodes of the BBC show "changing rooms" which is the British "trading spaces". Since I don't watch TV when I'm in my own house, when housesitting I watch loads. (they have satellite, after all...) When John and Betsy get back I probably won't watch TV again for a good long while. LOL.

Two weeks from today I will be rolling out of Chicago on my way to Atlanta. How exciting! A little scary, though. And the thought of finally getting rid of all my stuff is rather daunting. Right now it's all still in my apartment, and it all has to be gone in about 10 days! oy.

right. back to the budget...and the bulletin...

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