Friday, August 16, 2002

I can hardly believe the amount of writing to be done. I've finally written a draft of the inserts of the Taize I have to do write-ups of the youth workcamps for the Family newsletter. oy.

I don't want to go to dinner! I want to come home and go to sleep!!

I am addicted to BBC America. If I have NO other tv channels, I want to have that. It is the only channel (besides the food network) (oh, and TLC)that I watch when I have cable. I don't watch any tv at home at all, but when housesitting, well, it's more like vacation, you know? I love the show "Changing Rooms" which is the British forerunner of "Trading Spaces". I also like Trading Spaces.

This Sara woman on "Sara's Secrets" is so concerned with time that she doesn't really show you what you have to do. Luckily (if I was ever wanting to cook, that is) the recipes are all on the foodtv website and cooking is all about reading the recipe and following directions. That's why I order pizza. LOL.

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