Friday, December 20, 2002

clever christmas craft idea of the day:
photo cards.
take your fave pictures of someone.
make a collage, or just paste one or two photos on a card.
decorate the edges with holly, misteltoe, poinsettas...(drawn in markers, of course).
write a christmas message inside.
personalize with a lovely note just for the person.
decorate an envelope--especially with stars, greenery, candles, etc. (again with markers...duh)
send as a christmas card!

today i threw stuff away. lots of it.
i also dug out a box from deep in one of the closets in my parent's basement. it is full of pictures from when my mom was younger--in college, mostly. pics from when she travelled in europe, from her camp fire days, from all kinds of stuff. it is very cool--as it should be, given the sheer amount of work it took to get the dumb box out of the closet. it was in the very back corner, on the very bottom---thus necessitating the moving about approximately 10 boxes and one piece of furniture in order to dig it out. it was worth it. and when mom sees what i'm going to do with some of this stuff, it will be worth it to her too. granted, she doesn't think that now because my bro and i are engaged in making fun of fashion from the 70's. hehehe. it really was bad, wasn't it--oy.

so anyway, happy thursday night to all. i am going to sleep. :-)

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