Saturday, December 14, 2002

Ok people, it is now only 11 days until christmas. so, from now until christmas (or until i run out of ideas) i'll be posting craft ideas. Christmas tree ornaments, decorations, food ideas, cards, name it. One per day (unless I think of more...but then you can be sure that i'll run out!).

the first of many brilliant christmas craft ideas.
kid friendly!
Painted Lightbulb Christmas Tree Ornament:
get a lightbulb. (any shape will do)
get acrylic paint.
paint whatever you want on the bulb. let it dry. (a good way to do that is to get a box, cut a hole in it the size of the bottom of the bulb, and to stick the bulb in so it stands up and the paint won't rub off on anything!)
(this is the grown-up part): wrap wire around the bottom of the bulb (where it would go in the socket) and make a big loop (so you can hang it up on the tree!). secure somehow (twisting should work).
hang on your tree!

have fun, people! :-)

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