Monday, December 30, 2002

exciting news!

a young lady from the junior high youth group, whom i mentored last year and had a lot of discussion and fun times with, was baptized tonight at the evening service at church! We had talked a lot about it and she really wanted it, and one of my tasks last year was to teach her about it, etc. so imagine my excitement to be able to actually be here when it happened! yay! we went out for ice cream afterwards too. woohoo! it is so exciting to see this young disciple officially become part of the Christian family. :-) yay!

so anyway, i am now embarking on a week of doing "nothing". Except for writing prayers for the New Years Eve service, making new bulletins for Taize, visiting people, etc....reading ten books for my january term class....yes..."nothing". hehe!

need new year's resolution ideas?
I suggest volunteering at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food bank. there are ever increasing numbers of needy people, especially with the economy being less than ideal...more people are finding themselves in hard times than they have in a very long time, and these places are in desperate need of volunteers! if you want an idea for giving something other than time, donate to these places. shelters usually need toiletries, particularly in travel or sample sizes--you know, soap, shampoo, men's razors, etc. food items are almost always welcomed at food banks and soup kitchens.'ll make someone's day.

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