Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Do you think it's unfair to lure a person to a school located in a warmer climate than where the prospective student curretnly lives, knowing full well that there are things like ice storms?

I do.

There's a big ice storm coming. very soon. these things apparently make life hell, knock out power, cause many issues with transportation and everything else, not to mention the fact that the temperature must clearly be below freezing in order for there to be ice.

I moved here because it was supposed to be warmer.
everyone keeps telling me "just wait, in january and february when it's 70 degrees and the temperature in Chicago hasn't been above zero in 9 weeks and won't be above zero for at least another 9 weeks, you'll be glad."

well, it isn't then now, so i will complain.

it's cold outside.

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