Tuesday, December 31, 2002

what is our educational system coming to?

oops...letters to "satan" instead of "santa" = dire consequences.
hehehe. very amusing. highly recommended. :-)

i'm supposed to be writing prayers for the worship service i am helping to lead tomorrow night. i haven't done that yet. i probably should--but not right now. i'm sure i have email to write or something.

happy new year's eve eve. or whatever we would call that.

since we have Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve, what about Valentine's Eve? no, I take it back, that's just more time for depression surrounding that particular Hallmark Holiday. Let's see....Labor Day Eve? Martin Luther King Jr. Day Eve? what about personal holidays...birthdays, anniversaries...we really should get the Eve of those days off as holiday, don't you think?

I think so. that would add up to roughly 10 extra days of holiday a year, I think! and if you're catholic, do you get holiday for saint's days? if so, what about the eve of important saints, like the patron saint of your parish or your profession or your nationality or your deadly disease or your favorite actor? I suppose, though, then you would have about 635 days of holiday a year, since some saint's days overlap. hmm. that could cause some economical problems i suppose. ah, well, that's what your community is for, right?

hmm. we should look into this.

on a total tangent: in chicago today it was 55 degrees. what is that? i loved it, of course, but am completely shocked! tomorrow, probably 12. yippee.

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