Tuesday, December 17, 2002

i have successfully arrived at home-home. a nearly tearful goodbye, over 11 hours of travelling, 3/4 of a book, a stop at krispy kreme, a slightly snowy/slushy mountain pass, and some funtime later, i am here. i slept until noon today. yay!

i know i've been slacking a little on the christmas craft ideas--packing, travelling, etc--so today there will be two. are you ready for this?

bread ornaments.
make a non-yeast-bread dough.
shape it into christmas shapes.
thread string or nylon thread.

can also be done with cookie dough i think, but don't expect that to last as long.

light catchers/window decorations.
things you need: plastic wrap, markers.
spread the plastic wrap on some white paper (you might need to tape it to the back of the paper or something so it is quite taut and won't move around).
draw/color holiday scenes or designs on the plastic wrap with markers. be careful not to touch after you've drawn, or you will have marker all over your skin.
when the picture is done, put another piece of plastic wrap on top. take off the white paper. secure the two pieces of plastic wrap together.
hang in a window or near other light source.
enjoy the pretty light design.

have fun, people! :-)

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