Friday, January 20, 2006


I am going to talk about throwing up briefly, just to warn you...

I think there is something about Egypt that has given me some kind of throw-uppy disease.

In the past eight years, I have had a throw-up illness about four times, two being food poisoning and two the flu (including the year I got a flu shot. ugh.).

In the past five months, I have had a throw-up illness five times, with perhaps two being attributable to food poisoning and the rest up in the air as to cause, though food poisoning is not being ruled out.

I really really hate throwing up. A lot. In fact, I have been known to refuse to throw up, which always makes me feel worse in the long run. And yet today I have already thrown up four times. What's the deal? There's nothing left for me to throw up. Nothing. And yet....

Now I'm hungry, but I'm not willing to eat anything that sounds good. oy.

And I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow and I will NOT be sick. I will eat risotto and pasta and gelato and chocolate, and I will drink wine and cappuccino. SO TAKE THAT, YOU EVIL STOMACH BUG!!!!!

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