Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Five foods you meet in heaven

with thanks to my friend in chi-town...

what five foods do you hope to meet in heaven?

The Rules (because he said so):
A. In heaven, none of the negatives associated with food consumption are relevent (fat, cholesterol, calories, flatulence, indigestion, etc.).
B. No actual animals will die if you choose a food containing meat, so knock yourself out.
C. Cost is not an issue, nor is the role any particular food item might have in any current socio-political struggle on earth. (i.e., Nestle's products aren't evil in heaven--what with grace and all).
D. A particular combination of food, so long as it is normally served together, counts as only 1 "food."

oh, how I love food....

1. Turtle cookies that are somehow even better than those pillsbury break-and-bake turtle cookies, oozing with caramel, warmed and eaten with milk in a somehow unbreakable (but not plastic) mug.

2. cheese dip from taqueria del sol in decatur ga.

3. the Brick Store's veggie burger with remoulade sauce (not that weird red pepper mayonnaise they're serving now). With, of course, chips and a pickle.

4. My mom's enchiladas and home made refried beans. Something I won't get to eat again until I get to heaven, where she'd better be starting to cook now because I'll be so deprived by then!

5. mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and black-beans-and-olives. This is approximately the best side-dish dinner I have ever eaten, and I love to eat it! Every time I've been home for the past 8 years, my mom has said "what do you want for dinner?" knowing full well that this is the answer. There's usually some kind of meat thing for everyone else, but there is no comparison for the best matched meal ever than this. None. And it's best if she makes it, but I can actually do this one relatively well for myself. Maybe sometime soon I'll put the recipe for black beans and olives on my cooking blog. I'll let you know. yum.

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