Monday, January 09, 2006

a traveling machine!

I am, once again, traveling and will be out of blog-land.

In just over an hour, Jason and I will leave Dawson Hall.
In just over two hours, our train will be chugging away into Upper Egypt.
In just over 12 hours, we will pull into the station in Aswan.
In just over 14 hours, we will board a cruise ship on the Nile.
And then we will be on our way to relaxing, touring, and learning. We'll see the sights in Aswan--the stupid Dam, Elephantine Island, the Temple of Philae. We'll go to Kom Ombo for more temple gazing. We'll go to Luxor and visit Karnak, the Valleys of Kings/Queens/Nobles, Queen Hatshepsut, Tut, etc etc etc.
And then we'll come on another overnight train back to Cairo.
We'll come back with pictures and stories, again, so be sure to tune in next Sunday for another installment of "last week in the traveling life of Teri!"

until then: rabbinna yebarku... (the Lord bless you...)

ma'a salaama!

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