Friday, January 20, 2006

friday five: pleasures--guilty and otherwise

hmmm, so many to choose from!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love watching Buffy, and (except for portions of season five) it always makes me happy in the end, because it's so well written and deals with real life stuff AND has multiple strong female characters! Even the parts of season five that make me sad are well done and really contribute to the story arcs.
2. snickers bars, even though they're hard to find here...I have to go to a western supermarket to get them, but it is in every way worth it.
3. cadbury hot chocolate (definitely a guilty pleasure, as it's imported and expensive for my YAV budget--or for any average egyptian's budget!)
4. snuggling up with jason on one side and fred (fred's a stuffed panda, btw) on the other
5. asking my bro for more pictures of MY cat...every day. :-)
6 (I know, I know friday six is not alliterative...too bad). Mashed potatoes, lots of them, any time and anywhere (as long as they're real, not from a box)! Even if I have to get up and make them, it's worth it.

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