Saturday, September 29, 2007

a busy but fun day off

--slept in as much as cats would allow
--road-tripped the 40 miles to 10,000 villages, hoping for either a rug or a table for the Fellowship Hall and also hoping not to spend hundreds of dollars on things I just wanted for myself. Got a table, but it's square so who knows how that will go. Also got organic fair trade mint chocolate, which I ate for lunch on the way home. Awesome.
--had spider in car while driving in express lanes. freaked out. adrenaline still in body.
--played with children of friend/colleague for a couple of hours to help out in a crunch. Killed spider by shooing it out of car then crunching it underfoot while small children were in car.
--contemplated briefly what had happened with said spider: saw it on top of car a few days ago, decided to let live (eating bugs and all) but hoped would fly off top of car while driving. No such luck apparently as same spider was in car today. Killed part of God's creation in interest of not freaking out while on road a second time.
--ate Taco Bell for dinner, cuz that's healthy.
--looked at 10,000 Villages rugs online. Wanted all of them. Went virtually bankrupt dreaming about rugs. Plotted way to sell the idea of a very expensive rug to session (as opposed to $100-200 rug from Target): "it's handmade, the people actually get paid to make it, it's not made by children, it's naturally stain resistant, it only needs to be cleaned every 10-20 years, it will last between 100-200 years even with extremely heavy use...." That should work, right? I'm talking about approximately $500-600 more than they gave me to spend. Part of me says "that bequest has tons of money in it, why don't we spend some to give some Pakistani women an honest living and way to feed their children as well as practice their craft" and another part of me says "we're running a deficit budget this year--get the cheap rug, even if it means we replace it later!"
--wishing I had some Breyer's Fried Ice Cream right now. Dang that stuff is good.
--Remembering these "people" from my childhood...
--Did not write sermon. Guess I'll do that tomorrow...AFTER going to the Johnny Appleseed Festival and having some good old fashioned small town fun. :-)

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