Monday, September 03, 2007

labor day

why is it that on labor day no one labors?
just asking, not complaining.
I know, I know, we celebrate and recognize the people who have labored to make this country great, or something like that.
I just think it's a funny name for a day when very few people actually work.

I've been in my house all day reading and napping and eating and learning french by podcast and all kinds of random things. It's sunny and beautiful out so my sliding doors are open, my cats are sleeping in various places around the house (which, when put that way, makes it sound like I have significantly more cats than I actually do), and I ate leftover homemade Indian food for lunch, followed up with irish coffee cheesecake. Which is still amazing.

I just finished A Spot of Bother, which I started earlier today. (yes I'm a fast reader when I have uninterrupted time and when the book is interesting...) It was good...I recommend it. It's frustrating and sad and brilliant and funny all at the same time. Since it's about family and life, I suspect that means it's just surprisingly well written, rather like the Curious Incident was--no surprise since it's by the same author. I expected the book to be good, an expectation which is rarely met...and was happy to find my expectations exceeded. enjoy.


  1. though it's ironic, labor day was created as a holiday to honor our workers (union workers that don't get many national holidays) with a day off. it's a really good sermon topic actually.

    and there is a whole faith-based organization near you in chicago: check it out!

    is this an annoying comment? maybe. let's go to iona!!!!!

  2. let's go to Iona!
    The 2008 program comes out in October. You know I'll be checking obsessively until it comes out. :-)

    I did actually look up the origins of Labor Day after writing this. I still think it's an oddly named holiday. That's all.

  3. isn't it rare that things are well named? i mean, religious holidays aside. national holidays don't make sense. the presidential weekend isn't even the right dates for those president's birthdays. perhaps 1.20.09 is the only one that is aptly named.

  4. I'm responding only to the first line.

    Speak for yourself big city pastor. This country parson labored away. :)

  5. This non-pastor person labored away like mad for all the vacationers in the mountains. (But no complaints...happy labor day meant lots of tips). Feet hurt though.

  6. My university employer gave the students the day off, but staff were working.

    Er, except for me...I took a vacation day.