Thursday, September 06, 2007


WEAVE, our new Wednesday evening program, kicked off last night with quite a bit of success. Lots of kids in the children's choirs, lots of people here for dinner, lots of people in the adult ed class, and (by all accounts I've heard, anyway) an energetic and intense adult choir rehearsal. I'm really excited about this program and the opportunities it presents us as a congregation! Opportunities for spiritual growth, for fellowship, for good music, for all kinds of things! Good times were had by all last night, and we even had leftovers. :-)

(What does WEAVE stand for, you might wonder? Wednesday Evening AVEnues. Cuz we are weaving together a bunch of different things on one evening--get it?)

In other excellent news, I've had some luck getting people to help with confirmation. Now I just need senior high leaders and all will be in readiness. In theory, anyway!

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