Sunday, September 23, 2007


so there's an application you can ad to facebook that allows you to test your geography/travel memory/recognition. It's crazy addictive with the little quiz. It tells you a place or shows you a photo and you click on the place on a map.

Now, the map is too small to really get right on anything (except by sheer luck) though the application seems to think you can do that.

In any case, I want desperately to be good enough at it to advance past level 10.

So, I am going to bed right now with a map of central and eastern Europe rattling around in my head so maybe I'll recognize Croatia and Belarus and Bulgaria next time. I mean, really. I call myself well traveled and intelligent and I mixed up Belarus and Bulgaria. oy.


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  1. I can get to 10 as well, but then it kills me pretty quick