Monday, September 24, 2007

to those who have asked... wish lists at Amazon and Williams-Sonoma have been updated.

But remember, what I really want for my birthday (coming up soon for those who don't know!) is to pick out my very own djembe from holy goat.

27 days until I'm 27!


  1. are you only going to be 27? My birthday is Oct. 17 and I'll be 29. Did you skip 3rd grade or something?

  2. kindergarten, actually.
    so I was in first grade at 5, graduated HS at 17, college at 21, and so on. :-)

  3. Youngster. Never trust anyone under 30...

  4. I didn't get to skip any grades or anything like some of you smarties, but my birthday was so late that I was always the youngest in my class too. I was 17 for the first two weeks of my freshman year in college.
    I actually have a present in mind for you. I wish I'd found it in time for your ordination, but I only saw it a few months ago and have been saving it for your b-day. Now you just have to wait in curiosity!

  5. i hate waiting! yay, presents!