Sunday, September 09, 2007

so maybe my brain doesn't work right

I put a dozen eggs on to boil so I could turn them into pre-gym breakfasts and egg salad lunches.

Then I forgot about them for about an hour.

11 are intact...can I still eat them? the cracked one smells burned...are the others burned too? They were still covered with water, so it's not as though they just sat in a hot pan or anything. Of course the yolks will be discolored, but is that bad for you? Please advise.

Comments on my Saturday evening absent-mindedness welcome as long as they come with egg advice.


  1. I have a hunch you will know whether they are good or bad when you crack them open and see/smell them! The discolored yolk shouldn't hurt you at all, unless it tastes gross.

    I'd give them a try, except the burned one. But I'm notorious for pushing food past its eat-by date.

  2. I've left eggs on low temperatures for ages and then still made devilled eggs out of them and stuff. You're probably fine.

  3. They won't be "bad" in the sense of making you ill, but, they may be unedibly tough...I agree, crack one open and try it.

  4. eddie did this once, and the pan DID run out of water before he remembered.

    he ate them with no negative side effects.

    i thought they tasted burnt but he said he couldn't tell.


  5. I'm goint to guess that the tough part will be peeling them.

  6. update:
    the eggs turned into egg salad just fine.
    Peeling was actually surprisingly easy, I don't know why.
    they were a little burned, but nothing a little mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper couldn't cure.

    Next time I'll turn on the timer...