Saturday, September 22, 2007


Yesterday I finally took a real day off. And while I was off from work I decided to also be off from...oh, everything else. I left my laptop in the office so I couldn't check email or headlines or blogs. I didn't go to the gym so I wouldn't watch CNN or MSNBC or Oprah or whatever. I don't have any TV channels anyway (literally--the television is only for DVD watching). I didn't listen to the radio in the car. I was off, unplugged, media fasting, whatever.

I hopped a train into the city, met some friends for a few minutes, got horrible blisters from wearing new but adorable shoes, and saw panels from the Gates of Paradise at the Art Institute. They are amazing. Saw the replica doors in Florence a couple of years ago, but there's nothing like seeing these restored panels up close and personal. So cool. Met up with a church member/friend on the train, took him home when we arrived, got invited in by his wife (who happens to be the music director and also a good friend) for bread, cheese, and wine, and ended up there for more than 5 hours, just talking talking talking.

It was awesome.

Today I have gone out shopping for cat food and people food and also some clothes...fall/winter is coming! I have eaten mushroom brie and a baguette for lunch, followed by mango sauce (yum). Now I'm getting ready to make my own veggie broth, to roast and freeze some eggplant, and probably to make deviled eggs or something. I also need to practice this piece of music I'm supposed to have all learned by Monday night...hmmm.....

I think I might take a nap first. Maybe while the veggies are simmering into vegetable stock?

Remind me again why I don't take days like this every week?


  1. What do you play? Or are you a singer?

  2. in this case, clarinet.
    that's a "used to play" that is being coaxed into the present tense by another clarinet playing church member. Right this minute I'm looking at my clarinet case and wishing I had the guts to tell the guy that I don't want to do it. Alas....