Thursday, October 31, 2002

i must do hebrew homework tonight. last night i slept instead. this is not good.
i want to socialize and talk and play and whatever, but i will be hanging out in my room tonight. woohoo!
HOWEVER: there will be children of my classmates and teachers coming through for trick or treating, which will be so fun! :-)

anyway, i realize that I've been rather boring lately, and i apologize. the grass is growing back (though there is still the River Kwai that runs across the quad because of the incessant sprinklers and the big rainstorms...), i haven't heard anything out-of-the-ordinary come from the president, and nothing exciting is happening here right now, just hebrew, papers, class, etc. I do have some things to say about the recent actions by groups within the Presbyterian Church, but I am holding out until I experience some of the conversation and atmosphere of some of the competing groups first hand. so...more on that later.

I am going home to church next week! A conference Thursday through Saturday, mushrooms at Duke and dancing at Roscoes on Saturday night, church on sunday morning! woohoo! :-) I'm sure I'll have things to say after that. but that is still 6 days away. in the meantime, i have to read Ezekiel, and go discover what nightmares are in store for dinner tonight. ta.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

the sun has come back!
after the thunderstorms of the early part of the week, the glorious sunshine has returned. yay! I love sun.
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mean that it's necessarily warm outside. I only mean that it is sunny. At least that gives the illusion of warm! I would rather it be cool and sunny than warm and cloudy, frankly. After all, part of the reason I moved down here, to the South (said with a slightly haughty southern drawl...) is the weather, which HAS, by default, to be better than Chicago. Not that I don't love it "up north", but really--the weather was a little ridiculous.

anyway, I'm still working on being open minded about "praise" music and whatnot. So far I think I'm doing well. I'm sort of easing into it with some music about God, much of which reminds me of pop music but some of which i can see in a worship/prayer context. We'll see how long this whole open-minded thing lasts. I hope a while; after all you do deal with all kinds of people and the different ways people worship and pray in the church at large! I find myself actually liking some of this. Having said that, I still love contemporary hymnody from the world church, and sometimes i even love the traditional hymns.

anyway, i'm supposed to be working on a paper here--and i have hebrew in 20 minutes, probably with a quiz. Maybe I'll abandon the paper temporarily and memorize some vocab. yes....


Tuesday, October 29, 2002

writing. lots of it. 8-10 pages on an important "post-biblical historical event that influenced the theology, understanding, and practice of baptism." i'll see y'all later.
back to school.
after a week "off" i don't want to go back to class...but i did anyway. I've even done the homework! I went to Reformed Theology today all psyched about the Westminster Confession, and left class tired. lol.
i have some hebrew work to get done now--we are just proofing our project. yay!

Monday, October 28, 2002

Chris is not feeling well, and hasn't been for some time now, so prayers and happy thoughts for him are appreciated. :-)
the hebrew project is done! woohoo!

i am trying to read Jeremiah, but i keep daydreaming. or is it evening dreaming by this time? whatever, i'm doing that instead of reading. oy.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

this is slightly weird, but i just want to go home and go to church.
is that so wrong, to miss your home church, as a seminary student?
I've visited only a couple of churches here, but so far, not so much. I cannot wait until two weeks from today, when i will be back at The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. yay!
I did not take a nap today. aren't you proud of me?
granted, i slept until about 10am, but still.
i cleaned my apartment a little--i even vaccuumed!
i did homework.
i watched a movie.
i wrote letters.
i am remembering right now to change my clocks! fall back, everyone...

yeah. i'm going to read a book now, and go to bed. maybe i'll even go to church tomorrow! three weeks in a row would be a record for me so far this school year.....
yes, i shall go to church. :-) as long as my clocks get changed...

Saturday, October 26, 2002

In answer to those of you complaining about the choices of water in the poll:

too bad.
I am not changing it again, because that resets all the votes, etc, and it generally a hassle. And besides, I can only list up to ten choices, so I can't possibly satisfy everyone. I only added Dasani because I live in Coke-land and don't want to alienate others in the coke monopoly situation. so there. just vote for one, would you? thanks....

and if you want a new poll, give me some ideas! I have to come up with them all on my own, and sometimes that can be hard. hence the reason polls run for such a long time.

btw: the poll about being sick: most of you preferred "throwing up". "ralphing" and "hurling" got no votes, the rest got a few. The second most popular was, I believe, "tossing my cookies". hehehe! that's just gross. yes, much work to be done.

go drink some water. ;-)
I love sleeping. I may be doing a lot of that today. But maybe not, given that the entire reason I am home right now and not in Washington DC protesting war is the sheer amount of work to be done....

I love sleep. :-)
I am so good. My birthday was a mere four days ago, and already I have written my thank-you cards. Normally, within four months is an acceptable time frame for me. This is a new record, I think. I am so impressed with myself.
I felt that I needed to share that with you. :-) Thank you in advance for your congratulations.
Ok, so last night at Backstreet. It was a pretty good time! We got there around 12:30am, and it was almost totally dead. We took in the cabaret show for a while, and though the dance floor was still deserted at 2am, we (six of us) went down and danced our hearts out. It started to pick up around 3 or 3:30...we left just after 3:30 because a couple of people were tired. We had SO MUCH FUN. hehehe! I love dancing.
I went to bed at 5am. I wanted to get up for breakfast but couldn't bring myself to do that. I've taken mid-day naps longer than that sleep time. So I slept until 9am, and managed to be early! for the 10am staff meeting. After lunch I did Hebrew. lots of hebrew. at starbucks. woohoo! I love starbucks.
after hebrew i hung out with chris, which was good fun. :-) i took a nap too. this was a Very Good thing. :-) I like naps. heheheheh!

anyway, yes. today was a good day. :-)
There are lots of smileys in this post. I kind of wish blogger turned them into right-side-up smileys, but it doesn't.
i have lots of letters to write now. I decided not to go to the war protest in DC this weekend, much as i feel that it is important to protest war, because i didn't get any homework done all week, and i have thank yous and general correspondance that is SO BEHIND that needs to get done before school gets back into full swing. And I wasn't feeling as well as I would hope for a protest--so i will be watching the news, looking for my classmates. NO WAR!!

today was a good day. :-)

Thursday, October 24, 2002

well, the Reformed theology exam is over. it wasn't as bad as i expected.
AND: I got my Old Testament midterm back! And I got an A! Walter Brueggemann wrote "excellent!" on the top of my paper. This is very exciting, because he gave me a B on my first paper for him. I feel happy...woohoo!

anyway. i'm going to help Miranda clean now. Ta.
ok, so after a complaint, i've added another brand of water to the poll. ;-)

So far so good on the birthday week. We've been continuing the celebrations--i went to dinner tonight with some girlfriends, and we had a nice time. Tomorrow night is dancing!! woohoo!

In the meantime, i have an exam in 10.5 hours. I have to go now. ta.

PS:: for chris only: thanks for the note advice. you rock!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

heheheheeh!!!! This is very funny. I highly recommend it.

So anyway, my birthday was great. Thanks to all of you who made it so!
I did my midterm paper in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to Borders and read a book, which was very good. I also purchased said book (The Piano Tuner) and two CDs. And the new Cosmo.
Then we went to Costco, where I was able to buy water, cereal, mac-n-cheese...and MJ bought me a birthday cake! woohoo! I knocked on all the nearby doors and everyone came over and we ate cake, which was very exciting.
In the night we had a little slumber party--Amy and Katie stayed over, we got John to come over and Tyesha came too, and we made fun drinks and laughed and listened to music and had a fun time. We were quite loud, which isn't so good because Miranda had to sleep (although we thought she was gone--all her lights were off so early, we thought she had gone out, but she was sleeping. I'm sorry!!) so she could work this morning, but we had a lot of fun!
Today i have done essentially nothing. I copied Sarah's notes from the Reformed Theology class up to the midterm from last year...I took a nap, I read some more of my book. Now i'm here alone at last (everyone is gone) and I'm still not doing anything. I'm not going to dinner tonight because it's gross...I need to wash my dishes....I need to study for ReThe...I need to work on Hebrew...oy. yes. and there is Taize tonight at 7:30pm. yay.
i'm going now. ta.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Today is my birthday. In some temporal sense, my actual birthday begins in about 20 minutes...i was born at 5am PDT. that is 8am here--which it almost is. very exciting!

btw: i am 22. many thanks for votes of 126. :-)
i found the lid! it appeared randomly on the floor of my bathroom, near the sink. YAY!!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

you can send me a card. or this kind of card.
tomorrow is my birthday.
interesting new google search: "kazoos guestbook 2002". what?
i seem to have lost the lid to one of my juice containers. this is very distressing.
a day of firsts

today I rode MARTA for the first time. It wasn't very exciting, which is probably for the best. The train is much quieter than the El. It is also 25 cents more than the CTA. Whatever. It still runs on tokens, which I think is very funny and outdated.

I went to Central Presbyterian for the first time today. Lots of people from school go there. It sounded like it would basically be Fourth Church....but there were some notable differences. First, it's smaller. Second, there are SO MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF. during the "ritual of friendship" there were about 10 announcements. Then during "concerns of the church" there were easily 10 more announcements. I was so was like having someone read to you the community announcement channel or something. UGH. People, print the announcements in the bulletin, highlight three, and get on with it!!! No one remembers when you just tell them a list of 20 announcements! GRR.

I ate tabouleh for the first time.

I also ate soba for the first time.

both were very good.

I made fresh berry smoothies for the first time since I moved here. They were excellent.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must get on this midterm. It must get done today. Too bad I don't know what the directions of part II mean.....oy. this could turn out to be interesting...

Saturday, October 19, 2002

i fully recognize that two posts ago (ie yesterday) my statement that i never want to type or say that phrase again is foolish...after all, i'm in a class that focuses on the book of confessions. and i'm studying to be a pastor in a confessional church. but really, the number of times that statement appeared in my outline was ridiculous. it was probably possible to sum up the entire essay by saying "every single thing the church or individuals in the church think, say, do, want to do, should do, etc, should be informed and evaluated by the confessional standards/in light of the confessions of the church...and the consensus is always more important/given more priority than individual dissenting voices, though those should be listened to and considered carefully..."

by the way, whoever voted that I am going to be 18 in two days: you are very wrong. hehehe!
ok, so i spent some time this morning playing with the fonts of this page. i think it is better now...what do you think?
I hope itis more readable, a little more fun, and generally that this fabulous blog will be a more enjoyable experience for all involved. :-)

Happy Saturday.

(two days until my birthday!!)
Right now, the thought of ever again typing or saying the phrase "_________ should be evaluated and informed in light of the theological and ethical content of the confessional standards of the church" makes me ill.
that is the basic point of an essay in the PC(USA) Book of Confessions called "The Confessional Nature of the Church" which I have just outlined for my classmates' use in studying for the Reformed Theology midterm. I know more about the confessional nature of the church than i think is really necessary. ugh.

anyway, i know i haven't really been here in a while. I've been studying a lot this week, which is good. Next week is reading week, thank goodness! I am so happy to have a week off classes. I do have to write an Old Testament midterm, and I do have to take an exam on Thursday, but other than that life is good! My birthday is on Monday (just three days away now!), I am going dancing on Thursday (woohoo!), I don't have to go to class....yes, it is good. :-)

So: exciting things I have done this week.
1. Hebrew. Hebrew is lovely, and gets more exciting every time I am able to translate new parts of the Bible.
2. I went to an anti-war protest! this was my first protest and it was very exciting. George W was in town to campaign for the dumber of the two dumb guys running for office down here. There was quite a good turn out of people, all with signs, chants, and whatnot, asking, pleading, demanding, praying that there be no war. It was fabulous! I am planning to go with a bunch of people from school and with Presbyterians from around the country to Washington DC next weekend for the big anti-war rally. That should be fun!
3. Cleaned my room. Especially my desk. I couldn't see the desk just 36 hours ago. Now there is an actual desktop to my right, and a substantially smaller stack of paper to my left. This is good because I discovered that there was nothign crucial hiding in my piles, but there was lots of trash, which I got rid of. yay!

My panic attack of the week:
today when I was typing this outline. I had done five pages but hadn't saved yet...and my computer started to freak out. nothing was happening and I was very afraid. I begged it to work, i tried an emergency save, i tried to shut down what i thought was the offending program (the jukebox), nothing was happening, or at least it wasn't happening very fast...ultimately i had to shut down the computer. Thankfully the emergency save had worked. If it hadn't I would have cried right here in my room. Half an outline on the confessional nature of the church. I was understandably distressed. now, however, i am happy as a clam (well, assuming clams are happy in their somewhat limited sphere of life) and the outline is done. woohoo!

Follow up on the note about the flu shot: my arm hurt for three days. One day my whole body ached. Now, however, I'm pretty good. I tried stretching the muscle but that made it worse. Now it's down to an "if i lift my arm like hurts" to which the standard old joke response is "don't lift your arm then...". So I'm not. I consider this a small price to pay for the illness-free flu season I am about to enjoy. Since I live in a dormitory again (for the first time in four years) a flu shot was a good investment. A friend went with me to hold my hand because I hate needles, and his arm has been hurting too (yes, he got a shot too--the arm pain isn't my fault!) so i at least don't feel like quite as much of a wuss. hehehe.

for those of you following the saga of the grass: it's kind of there. But, as Miranda pointed out, it looks like hair plugs in some places. If you look from afar it looks beautiful...if you get up close it is simply clumps of grass every few inches (interestingly enough, right where those holes from aerating the grass were......). Some places are growing back better than others. Trouble spots are still the mud baths. go figure.

anyway, i think i might relax now. read a book, or something. maybe run around and play. hehehe!

Thursday, October 17, 2002

by the way, my birthday is in five days.

just thought i'd let you know.
I was trying, for a moment, to work out why people hate my blog.

then I decided that I didn't care so much.

ah, well....

i'm having a quiet, somewhat antisocial evening. I think I need it. maybe i'll go to bed early.

i got a flu shot today. my arm hurts a little now--i hope it doesn't keep that up!

reading. ta.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

it is wednesday. perhaps if i keep saying that, i'll remember.
because then i'll be in class on time. yes. it is wednesday.
it is also a measly five days until my birthday. several of you have voted for how old you think i'll be. All I'm going to say right now (partially because i need to be getting ready for class) is that a majority of you are correct. now, if you chose wrong, you may think you're in the majority...but you aren't. sorry.
time to go to school.
it is wednesday, after all.

Monday, October 14, 2002 quiz...
I think Hebrew might have to win.
After all, last week I missed three things on the grammar quiz.
Besides, maybe if we take a week off, we'll come back being BRILLIANT next week.

I don't really have much interesting to say today. i'm sorry.

I love chai tea.

that's all. thank you.
except: the latest google search to lead someone here was "phone actress". heheheheh. I kind of wish i was one now, just so i could say that!

not really. but at least i'd be making money.
Grass! welcome back!

That's right. In spite of (or because of) all my bitter projections about the return of grass, the grass has returned. Granted, it's not all back, and there are still patches where there's more standing water and moss than grass, but for the most part the grass is growing. If you look at it from afar (ie not right on top of it) it appears to be full and lovely. If you are nearby, however, you see that it's still quite thin and there's a lot of ground showing through. But really, this is progress, people! Very exciting.

I did all my Hebrew homework for a change. aren't you proud of me? should be...

i am having typing issues so i am going to bed now. see y'all later. :-)

Sunday, October 13, 2002

8 days until my birthday.

8 days.

I actually went to church this morning.
This is something of a miracle, because I have not been to a church (aside from chapel) for three weeks, maybe four. I've been sleeping, or sick. but i went today. woohoo!
It is also a bit of a miracle because the power went out, and thus no alarm clock was happening. the power went out several times during the night, a couple of which i noticed (because i fell asleep with my light on, so when it went off i knew, and also my printer turns on when power returns, which is not exactly a quiet thing...), and apparently once at about 9-ish this morning, which i did not notice. I was awakened by a phone call at 10am. and managed to get into church by 10:55. this was wonderful.
anyway, i have much homework to do.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Today was long.
*8am class. thankfully my OT small group has decided to meet over breakfast, so i go to breakfast at 8 and we discuss over the meal. the lecture today was kind of long too, and not nearly as amusing as usual. Kathleen O'Connor was a guest lecturer, and while she is absolutely brilliant, she's not an exciting lecturer.
*i had a coughing fit during chapel, but couldn't leave because i was in the opposite corner from the door, and was in the middle of the choir. (the coughing was during the sermon, and had thankfully ended by the time we had to sing.) the only thing anyone around me had was a) a Tootsie Pop or b) cinnamon altoids. I went with the altoids, which didn't really work but was close enough. i have never coughed so much...i thought i was going to die in the middle of the sermon about being living stones.
*i missed three things on my hebrew quiz. (my lowest grade so far)
*scripture reading was an eternity.
*i took a nap.
*i went to a WIIM (women's issues in ministry) event to welcome the new church history professor. it was very fun.
*i went out with a bunch of friends and we had a good time.
*we wanted to go bowling...because there was an inter-seminary event tonight: overnight bowling from 11pm to 2am. unfortunately, we weren't sure which bowling alley it was at, so after we tried the closest one, we gave up.
*we had dessert at a totally shady place but the dessert was SO good. mmm...warm brownie with ice cream and fudge sauce. mmm....warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. mmmm....
*we hung out at amy's house, but were all too tired to do anything. so now i'm home, it's almost 1:30am, and i am SO EXCITED to sleep in tomorrow.

I have to do laundry tomorrow.
and maybe learn hebrew, since i didn't do such a good job of that this week, apparently. Granted, two of my mistakes were dumb, and one was brought on by not thoroughly knowing pronoun vocabulary. I looked up the word, and it said "thou" so...i wrote "they" instead of "you". this is not smart. This is what happens when one is concerned about time. Let this be a warning to you all: BE CAREFUL.

I'm going to sleep now because I'm not amusing anyone, even myself.
good night.

Friday, October 11, 2002

why can't i stop coughing? that's obnoxious.
yay! I regained my voice in time for the service tonight. It was a wonderful service, absolutely wonderful. It was inclusive, it was prayerful, it was celebration and lament, it was...everything that worship should be. I loved it.
it was also interesting to be worshipping in a house--much as the early church did. I felt a little like i could be in one of Paul's churches.

anyway, i hope i can still sing tomorrow---i kind of gave a lot tonight.

in other news, this is an incredibly interesting blog written by a homeless man. i am absolutely intrigued by it. i recommend it, as it puts a human face on homelessness.

anyway, that's all. ta.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

i can almost talk and sing again! woohoo!
by the time i need to sing tonight i should be all good. this is Very Good, because one of the things I'm supposed to sing is unknown by everyone else here. That would create a problem for getting someone else to do it on such short notice!
Anyway, it's almost time to go to the Farmers Market. I love that place.

Someone got here from a search for "clever title for music". I hope you found what you were looking for...
my air conditioner is making a strange sound. not all the time, just occasionally. like leaves or something falling inside. it's very weird. i thought it might be bugs, but no bugs have emerged. it could be water i guess, but there's no water anywhere to be seen on the floor....

Big thanks to Chris today for teaching me Hebrew.
Since I didn't go to Hebrew either (part of the get-well program: a sick half-day...every other know) Chris came over and helped me through all the stuff we did today.
I just need to point out that Hebrew is a language that appears to have more prefixes and suffixes than actual words. You can practically say a whole sentence in one word. A long sentence. GRR.
Anyway, thanks Chris!

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I had to make a decision this morning.

between going to class (8am) and sleeping so that I might have a chance to actually get well enough to go to all the rest of my classes for the rest of the semester (or at least until reading week when i suppose theoretically i would be able to recover).

I chose to sleep in the hopes that i would get well. after all, one cannot recover from illness without slowing down a little, right? given how i felt at 6:45am, i haven't slowed down enough. so i sacrificed a class to my physical well being. so far, i think this was a wise choice. however, i haven't seen anyone from class yet (it only just ended right now) so i don't know if i maybe missed the best class ever. Brueggemann is out of town so it was being taught by Marcia Riggs, a feminist OT scholar. it was probably fab, but my bed was equally fab, if not more so.

so anyway, i have to do homework now. we probably have a hebrew vocab quiz today, and i haven't learned any of the vocab. it's time.
hehehe. this was amusing for about a minute. I recommend it. :-)
I always claim that I'm going to do homework.
yet how much homework really gets done at the time i claim that?
very little.

for example: right now I should be reading the Second Helvetic Confession of Faith. The longest single document in the PC(USA) book of confessions. and instead I'm posting on my blog.

but now I am reading. i promise. and chatting with friends online. and my brother. but reading, really!

btw: "we" (by which I mean i coerced some other people and I held the door...) moved Miranda's new couch into her room today.

honey and lemon is supposed to be good for your voice. we'll see how that goes. i still can't really talk. this is bad.

i can, however, still type. ha!

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

13 days to go.

sadly, we might not live that long, because the president is going to get us all killed.

I do not like him at all. And what is this crap about "murderous dictators?" Does Bush realize that he is one?
Why is it that only we are allowed to have nuclear weapons but no one else is? and we "allow" people to have weapons? what are we..the global big brother? remember how that's never worked before and isn't going to work now?
has anyone ever thought that iraq (and hundreds of other countries) have had weapons of various sorts, armies, etc, and haven't used them? why are they going to suddenly start now?

oh wait, because they are PISSED OFF by the US government's incendiary speech and demeaning and demanding actions?

no, that can't be it. we're the only good people in the world, remember?

Monday, October 07, 2002

14 days to my bithday. that's right--two weeks from today. I will be...umm...guess. hehehe! maybe that will be a new poll, in addition to the rather icky poll currently running.
signs of life.

where there used to be grass, i mean.

there is new grass.

or there was.
until last night's big thunderstorm, which happened in addition to the sprinkler system being on.
now there is potential new grass on some of the lawn, and a return of the swamp (and probably its attendant swamp monster) in the section by the library, which was--at one time--a perfect wiffle ball field.

It was very exciting, the other day, to be walking to class and realize that there were small shoots of green popping up all over the quad. But now that green is dead, replaced by dark green moss, dark red clay, and dark brown mud. Not good, not good at all. See below (or maybe its in the archives now, i don't any case, last week-ish) for what I said about seed vs. sod.
(for those who don't have time to look: i said seed would never work for various reasons)


I am not sick anymore. Only my throat is sick. it's all funny feeling and sometimes I cough but not really cough. in other words, it's coughing with no purpose. it doesn't get me any closer to clearing my throat. this is bad because we have choir rehearsal this afternoon. I hope it clears up by thursday (ideally) because we have to sing then.

i think it might be time for....
OT reading.
translation: nap.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

my birthday is quite soon. yay! 15 days........
results from "what language would you most like to learn?" poll:
Italian: 37%
Swahili: 25%
Hebrew and Greek: 12% each
Latin and English: 6% each
Aramaic: 0%

all last night, the physical position of "upright" led to the physical action of "throwing up". I'm aware that this may be too much information for some of you. frankly, I don't care that much because I was sick all night long. I think I feel better this morning, but can't be sure because I'm a little afraid to eat. anyway...
i think i might put up a new poll today, but i don't know if i'll like it so it may not stay up very long. vote fast.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

i hate being sick.
a big group of people went dancing last night. they had a lot of fun and were out Very Late. not me.
i hate being sick.
maybe next friday i can go dancing. that would be good. maybe next friday i can go to the big gay club. next friday is National Coming Out Day. it should be fun to be at a gay club then, right? there will be especially few people there to hit on me. i like that, because i don't want people hitting on me because i'm too busy to have a boyfriend. i'm practically too busy to have friends. i don't even send email anymore because i'm so busy.
ok, so i have time to post on my blog. but you know what i mean. lots of reading. and now lots of head-cold, which means lots of naps. i like naps. but i wish i could have gone dancing.
anyway. i'm going to do some "homework". translation: i'm going to take a nap.
good times on the hebrew quiz today! except that i was working pretty quickly and I misread "banim" as "banot" and put daughters instead of my grade was only "almost perfect" instead of "perfect". this makes me a little sad. i really did know it! aaaah!!!
so--no dancing tonight because not feeling well. this is very sad. i want to go dancing! really really really. but no. no gay clubs for me this weekend. cry. i love gay clubs.

so anyway, we watched this week's episodes of changing rooms. good! well, one person didn't like their new dining room (on a boat! it was so cool!) but other than that it was excellent.

i am going to bed earlier than ever--i'll be in bed by midnight! fab! i am soooooo looking forward to sleeping. maybe i'll get well and my throat will stop being retarded. i hope so because i have to sing next week. oy. so anyway. goodnight, and happy hebrew to all.

btw: i joke all the time about getting west nile because of my mosqiuito-bite-prone self. tonight i got about 10 bites while loading miranda's new-to-her couch in the car (because amy basically lives in the forest...). but i can't really joke about it because one of my classmates' daughter really does have west nile--it was diagnosed yesterday. that is not good, but better than whatever they thought she had. apparently. i hope she gets well. and i hope i don't get it.
really hope. i hate being sick. and hebrew does not allow me to be ill. anyway. maybe i'll do homework this weekend. maybe not. hehehehe!

someone go dancing at a gay club for me--so i can live vicariously through you. thanks. i'll let y'all know how backstreet is once i finally get there. ta.

Friday, October 04, 2002

alright, so hebrew studying for tonight is done. i don't know about tomorrow's quiz, but whatever. all I have to say is: we can drop the lowest quiz grade.
I still need to read for OT. good times with 1 and 2 kings. woohoo!
I am feeling kind of weird--for two days I've been thinking I might be getting sick. my throat is all retarded (translation into non-teri english: inflamed and a little sore) and I have the tiniest of fevers (like 1.8 degrees). I've been taking echinacea, and i slept all afternoon, but i may not be able to go dancing tomorrow night. this makes me very sad. Very Sad. i really want to go dancing. really really really. but sleeping is fun too, i guess.
we'll see.
the week is almost over. praise the Lord. I'm ready to sleep the weekend away. though i suppose if i did homework on weekends, i wouldn't have so much to do during the week. what a novel idea. heheheheh. is such a delicate balance. i vote for sleep. but tonight: homework. tomorrow: dancing. saturday: sleeping. yay.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I think the baptism paper is done! Hallelujah! it's only 12:20! How did that happen? This might be the earliest I have gone to bed since school started. craziness! This paper literally just flowed out. I had six pages down in less than an hour. I love talking about myself. I had to work theology into it, which turned out to be slightly more complicated. however, I think it's done. yay!

The Hebrew quiz today was easy, as usual. However, i did have to "opt out" of baptism class today in order to study the vocab. Apparently the only thing I missed was the teacher baptizing a brussels sprout. ha! yesterday it was a cabbage. how very interesting, her apparent pre-occupation with vegetable baptism...

I am closing this evening with a plea for anagrams of "Wal-Mart". Preferably ones that involve a meaning related to "stupid". hehehe! thanks. goodnight. :-)

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I am tired. And i will be up late again tonight, writing the baptism paper. good times, eh? my sleep count for this week is looking like, oh...8 hours over two nights? by tomorrow it could very well be at 10 hours over three. Maybe i should put a little sleep counter on here, the way anna has a candle counter. what do you think? Too bad I don't really know how to do that.

Ok ok, the poll is going down soon, I promise. By the weekend we'll have a new poll. it seems that the vast majority of you want to learn italian. No one for Aramaic. hardly surprising. LOL.

I want to go to sleep. Instead I am going to hebrew to take a quiz and whatnot. in 25 minutes, anyway. maybe i'll take a nap.

oh, update on the grass: they've poked holes in it with different machines and now have spread seed everywhere. see below for what i think of the seed idea, and keep in mind that the sprinkler system comes on every night for a couple of hours, and that thunderstorms are coming on friday.
Thankfully, it hasn't rained in two days!!! woohoo! I can hardly believe it! and it isn't supposed to rain for another whole day! I hardly know what to do with myself, all the beautiful sunshine outside. oh right, nap.
goodnight. until i wake up. yeah.