Sunday, August 31, 2003


allison, i love you!!

Thursday, August 28, 2003


all the old comments are lost with the installation of a new system. sorry yo.

also, if anyone knows anything about how to change some of the font colors in my template--and make it work--that would be great. I've been trying for months to get my titles in a different blue, but NO, only beige. i've tried just changing the color code for the font in the style header, but that doesn't seem to work. help me!!

new comments

hey y'all....i've changed my commenting system so hopefully it will be fully functional now. YACCS was oppressing me, so now there's blogspeak. assuming i didn't mess up the copy and paste of code....

aaah, yoga

breathing is the whole point of yoga. so there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

in other news....

people are crazy. all people.
taize at druid hills. more issues than usual.
text messaging with friends. good times, had by all.
WHORE (whore). heheheheh!

computer lab, closed until tuesday afternoon. dumbheads.
noell. fabulous.
dinner. great.
noell's car. fixed.
dr. pepper floats. yay!

Monday, August 25, 2003

"do you know a man who's fathered four or more children with four different women and who denies them all? if so, call the maury show at 1-888-45MAURY."

why is this happening?
has anyone ever considered the commercials and the time of day they are on? this show and its ads air during the middle of the day when most people are at work. so who's watching? hmm. maybe the people who sleep around and refuse to acknowledge their children. hmm. on the other hand, apparently i'm watching this. granted, there's nothing else on, and i'm on holiday, but still. oy.

this woman on the show right now has had five men tested to find out if they're the father of her baby. guess what? none are. as she says that it's "not about her"....that's too bad. she slept with enough men, while she was in a relationship, that she doesn't know who they are. the next woman is on the sixth man...hmm....i wonder how that will turn out. geee....


Friday, August 22, 2003


Greek is finished. I will never write another paradigm chart. I will never have to translate from memory, using only words that I remember. I will never take another Greek quiz. I am a happy, happy, tired person.

it's naptime. but I just thought i'd share that greek is done, it's vacation now (for a week), and there's a party tonight. woohoo!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

people should not be awake this early.

Monday, August 18, 2003

bedtime: 3am
awake time: 7:30am. thoughts: no way.
awake time 2: 9:30 am. thoughts: not worth it.
awake time 3: 11:30am. thoughts: time to get up for chapel.

at least i know what's important in life.

now i have to go make t-shirts for my greek small group.

why do people suck?

not all of them, just some. sorry noell....i'm sorry you work with one of them.

in other news, my creme brulee was amazing. yay!

it was so good. you have no idea.

noell's mushrooms were really good too. :-)

i really like food. how is it that i got put into the lust level of hell instead of the gluttony level?

Sunday, August 17, 2003

ok, so, the power's been out in the northeast for a while now...

why is there still debate about the power grid and the energy bill?

In other news, mimosa saturday was waffles today. Too bad my waffle maker decided to be dumb and kept sticking....i had to make them with Noell's instead. still yummy, but not belgian.

i hate thunder.

we sorted the greek school into hogwarts houses today. that was thoroughly we're going to post the list on the wailing wall. hopefully it doesn't make anyone angry!

the family reunion is ending. i missed it. again. yippee!! i've never been. :-) it's been like 7 years. wow...

tomorrow i'm visiting Northminster Church. hopefully it is a possibility for an internship...i'll know more monday, and for sure by wednesday or thursday. oy. this whole SM210 deal is stressing me out.

greek is almost over, thank goodness. Just ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! no more paradigm charts to produce, no more principal parts to memorize...just a passage from John to translate in two hours, and it'll all be finished. woohoo!!

scrabble. more people should play it.

Monday, August 11, 2003

oh yeah, and i wish i was in scotland right now.
i love kids.
i love playing with kids and getting paid.
i wish i could get paid for easy stuff all the time.
i wish i didn't have to do any more greek homework.

i'm going for a walk.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

bug bites. lots of them. i'm not supposed to scratch them, i know, and yet i do. UGH! I have managed to keep four down but one is now essentially an open wound, to be covered with bandaids. oy.

it's humid outside, it's hot, and yet amy and i manage to get our exercise in. we have walked four days this week so far. here's the the plan! :-)

just pointing out, i want to go to scotland so anyone who wants to help me pay for that is really welcome to do so. i don't really have room for more stuff, more books, more clearly a trip that would fulfill me spiritually and allow me to spend some time with my good friend.

just saying...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

so today when i was putting gas in the car i may have gotten a drop on my foot. what happens with direct contact between auto fuel and skin? i had a red spot there for a little while but now it's gone. if there's a tumor there tomorrow, i'm going to be very sad.

we won third place in trivia tonight--very exciting! thanks to wes, who knew that angela lansbury's character name was Jessica Fletcher (on Murder, She Wrote). we got as far as Angela reasoning through the question, but we couldn't remember her character's name. then it was Wes to the rescue! woohoo! he also remembered that the prince on Mr. Roger's was called Prince Tuesday. nice work wes, nice work. apparently it pays to spend nights in the hospital (on call as a chaplain) because there's some quality tv time there.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Bend It Like Beckham--very good movie. highly recommended.

parish associates preaching sunday morning services without having a clear point in mind first--not recommended.
maybe the church will be better next week when the pastor is back from vacation. we'll see.

amy's parents went to scotland today. i want to go to scotland really really really badly. for my birthday, all i want are contributions to my go-to-scotland fund. no material things, just contributions. you can send them to my mom's me for the address. thanks!

Friday, August 01, 2003

what? who's bitter? i don't see anyone here who would be bitter about the changing of a syllabus halfway through a class to include an unknown number of quizzes in spite of the fact that the course requirements state that there will be seven quizzes.
no, no one here.

in other news, i was reading (during the road trip, a long time ago now) that prolonged exposure to used motor oil has caused cancer in laboratory animals.
the question is: what animals? how long was the prolonged exposure? how used was the motor oil? was it 10-30 or 5-30 or some other set of useless numbers? and why would you do that to animals?

apparently similar results occur with fuel fumes.

here are the "principal parts of excruciatingly common verbs" that I know. in transliteration...since i don't have greek characters on this computer and you prolly don't either:

really really well known by me:
erxomai (eleusomai, aylthon, elaylutha)
esthio (phagomai, ephagon)
dunamai (dunaysomai, skip, skip, skip, aydunathayn)

known, kind of, well...maybe...hopefully...well, at least for now but tomorrow may be a totally different story:
ginomai (genaysomai, egenomayn, gegona, gegenaymai, egenaythayn)
phero (oyso, aynegka, enaynoxa, enaynegmai, anexthayn)

definitely not known, but hopefully will be by tomorrow morning at 9:
baino (baysomai, ebayn, bebayka)
pipto (pesoumai, epeson, peptoka)
lambano (laympsomai, elabon, eilaypha, eilaymmai, elaymphayn)

hmm. perhaps i should be studying?