Monday, February 24, 2003

have to do exegesis in an "odd" place for preaching class....
must go do that.
then play with small children.
then organize taize service.
then homework.
then it will be tomorrow.
more then.

Friday, February 21, 2003

it's been busy.
no signs of light yet.
soon. soon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

hebrew, hebrew, and more hebrew.

it's fun.

so is the rule of st. benedict.

and the TV show 24, which i may have to wait until tomorrow to watch. cry.

anyway, i'm going home now to type a paper.
translation: i still have to write the actual far i've accomplished translation and charting. paper and full-sentence-outline still required. oy.

goodnight. for now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i am writing a paper right now.

can't you tell?

Monday, February 17, 2003

it's not rain.
it's not fog.
it's not clear.
it's definitely not warm.
it's like there are tiny, nearly invisible ice atoms floating about in the air.
what is that, and who authorized it?
hello....this is the sssoouuuttthhhhh.....
it's supposed to be warm here.
but no.
and with weather like this, what's a girl to do with a free afternoon?
that's right.
a nap.
it was good.
you would think i would have fun stories to tell.
but no.
i think it's because i don't get out much.
like at all.
know why?
i don't have a car. so i can't really get anywhere here.

as for the promised story about going to the lion can read miranda's, she tells it pretty well. all i'm going to say is: we thought we knew where we were going, but we didn't. so the "three blocks" from the train station to the performance venue took us 45 minutes because we only realized after about 8 blocks that we weren't there yet and didn't appear to be anywhere close by. so we asked some people who told us they were going there too. too bad they went the wrong way. at least we had left in plenty of time so we weren't late or anything.
on the way home it took us 10 minutes to walk from the Civic Center to the train station.
then it took an hour and a half to get home because they were single-tracking the trains. that means, unfortunately, that only one train runs at a time--it goes north, then south, then north, get the idea.
we needed to go suoth two stops in order to switch trains so we could get back out to our east-side suburb.
the train that came was going north.
in our grad-student brilliance, we got on it, knowing that it was going to be the same train that came back.
then we realized that the north line split into two branches, so we got off at the stop where the two meet, just in case a southbound train came down the other branch.
a train came. we got on. an announcer said "everyone get off the train, it's not going anywhere." basically.
so we got off.
we waited. and waited.
and waited.




a train came.
it was the same one we had gotten off....but at least it was going in the right direction!
we got to five points.
we got on our eastbound train.
we got home.
it was very late.
the show was excellent, the MARTA was not.
note to self: next time, drive to the Civic Center. Parking doesn't suck as much as we thought it would and it was only...that's right...FIVE DOLLARS. If we had taken two cars, for all 12 of us, we would have paid LESS than the MARTA cost (1.75 each way). and been home ine 20 minutes.
and we wouldn't have walked 30 miles.
in the dark.
in downtown atlanta.
or waited in an underground train station for 12,000 hours. and been cold.
note to self....

in other news:
i took a nap on friday on both of my pillows.
this is odd, because i normally sleep on one pillow and have the other one next to me, so when i roll over i'm always on a pillow.
well, i fell asleep on the pillows piled up (the way i have them when i'm reading...infer what you want from the fact that i fell asleep...). i rolled over, and fell off the pillows. onto a kleenex box. ow.
explain to me why anyone would sleep on two pillows? especially if they are good. it's tall and it's bad for your neck, and when you roll over you fall off of them. who thinks that's a good idea? not me.

anyway, the end. i'm going to read something interesting now, not church history. yay!
I know i've been away for nearly a week. i'm sorry.
here's what i've been doing:
napping, but not as much as i wanted to.
having a car for an hour, and realizing how much i miss the freedom of going wherever i want, whenever i want.
going out for v-day, having fun.

what, you might ask, have i been reading?
Christology of the Later Fathers.
yes, it is as boring as it sounds.
stuff for eucharist.
more boring than it sounds, actually.

that's pretty much it. exciting, eh?

oh, i went to see the Lion King musical. it was very good, lots of fun. funny story about going there and coming home, which i will post tomorrow (or maybe later tonight...). heheeheheheheheh

eat ice cream.
and cookies.

Monday, February 10, 2003

the BCE is over, and i know that i passed it. official scores come back in about 4-6 weeks. sounds like something from the back of a cereal box--"please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery".
anyway...the party was good. the weekend in general was good, but very lazy. i didn't do as much work as i should have, so i was up late, and now i am very tired.
and mondays are not good days anyway. not that my class schedule is different on monday than any other day. it's just monday and who likes that?
not me.
time to get to work on the hebrew. ta.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

hmm...the Bible Content Exam (also known as "regurgitating random trivia from the Bible, which you should be able to find if you look it up so why do you need to memorize obscure facts like who was a prophet to the northern kingdom (elijah and someone else..) or which chapter of one of Paul's letters deals with the Second Coming (lots of them, i'm sure, they just arbitrarily pick one...)...anyway...), commonly referred to around here as "Bible Trivia". This is one of the ordination exams for the PC(USA) and is a requirement for graduation from Columbia Seminary. it is 100 questions covering (literally) God-only-knows-what from every possible obscure place in the Bible. Luckily, you only need a 70 to pass, and there's no reward for getting over a 70. Other than your own personal pride, which is of course bad and a sin and whatever.
i'm going to pass, no doubt.
and i'll probably be one of those people who gets an obscenely high score.
and i will be proud of it, i'm sure...and will have to try not to let everyone know that.
yes, i'm a sinner. but you know what?
in Romans, Paul says "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
that's the big theme of Romans. (don't ask me about the theme of any other Pauline Epistle, because I don't know...i'm counting on my old testament knowledge, my familiarity with the gospels, and questions about the books of Hebrews and James to get me to 70.)
back to work...
have i ever mentioned how much i hate rain?

a lot.

btw: i like hebrew again.

i might point out that, in spite of what the post below may assume, i am not single. the last time i was "single" on valentine's day was my freshman year of college (not that long ago, i promise...). however, the last two years i was in an international relationship and may as well have been single, for all intents and purposes of things like going out, etc. though i am not single, the "holiday" still annoys me because it a)trivializes something that is important to everyone individually, assuming that one has to have sentiments easily expressed in a hallmark card, and b) it essentially punishes people who are single, reinforcing the idea that no one is a whole person unless they are at least partially defined by someone else. that's crap.
that's all for now. just remember: your identity doesn't come from someone else.
end of diatribe. today.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

have any of you heard about how much i love hebrew?

well, for just about ten minutes, forget all of that.

i say ten because it is verse ten of 1 Samuel 1 that is killing me. how many words of that verse do i recognize?
oh, right, 2. out of a lot.

on the bright side, it's sunny out, and i can always abandon the hebrew for the english or, better, for church history reading.

in other news, valentine's day is approaching. i hate valentine's day, because it is a thoroughly annoying holiday in which society's obnoxious couple-rewarding can continue, and people not in couples are cast out of said society. and besides that, it's all a made up "holiday" anyway--and st. valentine probably had nothing to do with candy hearts. but in case you want to send some christian candy hearts, i recommend this. and for all the rest of us people who do not want our self worth determined by hallmark, there is this to play with.
enjoy. and thanks to anna and her sister meg for providing us with hours of amusement to share with our single (and annoyingly coupled) friends.

happy ice cream wednesday!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

oh yes, warm again today. tomorrow cold, though--50. hehehehe!

when, the last time you checked, did a class syllabus have an appendix? or worse, 6 appendices? what's wrong with this picture? a 14 page syllabus is....excessive. and that's me being nice.

i have to go read now.

Monday, February 03, 2003

that's right, 66 degrees today. reading in the sun, watching my classmates play wiffleball, walking around in a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals, with no coat....aah, the south is a beautiful thing. too bad later in the week it's going to be "cold" again--down to 42 or so. hehehe. :-)

Sunday, February 02, 2003 than i have spaces for. cry.
i was just called a hooker. notice that i am not in fact a hooker--if i was i'd have more money and wouldn't be concerned about the $419.99 I just spent on books for next semester. ugh.

a fish called wanda. weird, good, amusing...

amy is now singing (to no apparent tune, i might add...) "i will not be afraid of women...." well, honey...whatever. heeheh!