Monday, November 29, 2004

so i lied

well, it appears you do get to read it. because it went away on my screen but still appeared on my blog. lucky you. :-)

it left

i typed a post about it being monday and how much there is to do and how i don't want to do it because i've just had five days off. and i want to just relax and have it over but it isn't over yet. but then the post went away. so you don't get to read it. sorry. silly computers.


back to school it is. After five days off, I'm not wanting to come back. blah to the homework. I have stuff to read, a sermon to write without writing it down, more stuff to read.....oy and oy. oh, and oy.

the library is cold, the outside is kind of chilly too, and i hate making copies. in case anyone wondered. so i'm probably going to read in the library. because that's an energizing place, obviously. again with the oy.

two weeks. two weeks plus some papers to write and it will all be over. then i can relax. maybe.

ok, so a semester, a january, and a few weeks, and a summer, and then i can relax.

maybe i need some starbucks. maybe i should suck it up, copy the stuff, and go to starbucks. or at least outside. or to my car. i bet i can read in my car and i bet it isn't cold. because it's in the sun. on the other hand, it might smell like christmas tree because i put the greenery for the chapel in the car yesterday. i also took it out yesterday, but christmas tree isn't a smell that just goes away, you know?

i'm done procrastinating now. you should be too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

not ready yet

My mom has cancer. And I'm not ready to talk about it yet so please don't call and ask how I'm doing. I'm ok. scared, of course, but ok. If by ok you mean occasionally crying for no apparent reason but generally operating as a normal human being. anyway. pray for my fam, and for my dad's cooking skills, and my mom's boredom factor lying on the couch, and my brother and I being far away, and none of us being able to do anything about it. there you go.

Happy too much and have some mashed potatoes for me. I can never eat as many of them as I want to because my tummy gets full. :-) And don't forget the green bean casserole! mine is in the freezer because I forgot to take it to church on Sunday. Hopefully I don't forget to take it on Thursday....

Sunday, November 21, 2004

wish list

I have updated my wishlist, for those of you who look at that.

Items 1-7 are what I really want this Christmas.
My brother claimed item 1. :-)

happy shopping season......or, better yet: happy advent! (almost)


I have moved. Because so many of you are asking where, I'll tell you.

I have moved approximately 3 miles from where I was living this summer.
I have moved approximately 15 miles (25 minutes) from school.
I have moved approximately 2-ish miles from church.
I have moved approximately 10 miles from the hospital I hope to be working in during January and the summer.

I still live in Atlanta.
In fact, now I technically live in Atlanta.
I still live in DeKalb county, which is quite a feat in this weird county-line state.
I live in an apartment complex with gates. The gate phone rings my cell phone. How cool is that?
I live in a diverse community with African- Asian- Hispanic- and other- Americans. And probably some not Americans.
I live in a complex with children who play in the parking lots, grass, and playgrounds.
I live in an apartment complex with a gym and two pools.
I live in an apartment complex with 26 buildings--one for each letter of the alphabet. My letter is N.
My cat lives in the apartment with me. She is not allowed on the balcony.

Have I answered any questions?

Happy Sunday....

i love buffy

all i want for christmas is....

Buffy Season 1

They're all out on DVD as of this past tuesday.
my bro called season 1.
that leaves 6 seasons for the rest of you. Just saying. ;-)

Another Sunday is upon us. Another day of youth group. another day of no school, closely followed by the "oh crap, i didn't do nearly enough homework this weekend, where does all the time go, how is it possibly monday, can I have another four saturdays please?" feeling. Luckily three of my classes were cancelled for Tuesday, the one Wednesday class was cancelled, and thursday/friday are holidays, leaving me with monday and tuesday morning chapel, monday afternoon class, and tuesday morning class. maybe on monday between chapel and class i'll do laundry at school. and maybe i'll finally get around to vacuuming my room and grabbing my desk chair. who knows? maybe i'll even get productive and do homework or blog or something. or maybe i'll go to the bookstore and buy the "What would Buffy do?" book (a real book, I swear...). Then read it, of course. one never knows, does one?

well, i am going to leave the gym/cyber cafe now. happy sunday to all. :-)

Sunday, November 14, 2004


well, it's Sunday. I made my list for the week's homework and whatnot, and realized that everything I need to do should be done by Wednesday afternoon, because the rest of the week doesn't have any homework, really. A weird feeling.

I just had to order extra wristbands for the youth group. crazy!

i have to go do homework now. and come up with a youth group plan. oy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

clean carpets

today the people from Stanley Steemer came to clean the Washburn's carpet. It is now beautiful. No more cat fumes to irritate the other cats. but the carpet is still damp. LOL. Tomorrow: the bathroom and kitchen. No, I'm not hiring someone to do that for me, much as I would like to. ;-)

The Washburn's condo (previously "home") looks so barren with all my stuff gone. i'd forgotten what it was like before I moved all that stuff in there! No more boxes of books in the dining room, no more files in the office, no more litterbox and food by the ancient and small tv (which was more than i have, and hardly ever used...), no more bins of things behind the recliner in the living room. just lots of space. very lovely.

and now: home. the new one. yay!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i suck sometimes

ok, so i'm brilliant of course, but that leads me into busy-ness, which makes me suck at blogging regularly. i'm going to try to be better, but no promises. perhaps if i try just a few sentences a day...
so here's the few for today:
I'm moved into the apartment.
It's starting to be cold outside, especially in my car first thing in the morning.
I have too many classes.
I need to get my new contacts.
it's time to go to class.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


I passed all four of my ordination exams. woohoo! no retakes for me. :-)