Monday, January 26, 2004

i'm home

I'm home now. it's cold here, but I have hot showers. good times. I'm not sure I was ready to come home--there were a lot of things I loved about Jamaica and about UTC, and as usual there are a lot of things I don't like about the US and the way I fall so easily back into the individualistic culture and all that. anyway, the trip was GREAT, but had its hard moments. for more details, email me. :-) for now, I'm tired and going to bed.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

elastic toilet paper and cold showers

Well, here I am in Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica. A big city (over 1.2 million people--half the population of Jamaica, actually), one with lots of issues. basically a third world city. i'm living at the theological college. we have toilet paper that is very stretchy. we take cold showers. we go to lectures, we visit places (lots of schools and churches, plus other organizations). i have eaten more rice with a few red beans than ever before. also fried plantains, which are very good. I recommend them to all.

we are half way through the's sunny and warm, the people are nice, and tomorrow we are taking a trip to the beach for the weekend. Thank goodness for a mini-vacation in the midst of a very busy trip!

our group is getting along pretty well. we have cottages with four bedrooms, and there are just three of us in our cottage. i live in a mosquito net and a constant perfume of insect repellent. I love insect repellent! it's the trendy new scent, obviously!

hmm....what else? our bus driver is fab. the country is beautiful, the city is full of poverty and wealth--a very great disparity. We live in one of the poorer areas, and today I visited one of the many poor inner city neighborhoods. quite interesting!

that's all for now, because the internet is quite slow and we don't have a lot of time. other people want to use the 'puter in their own library! I think I might read some more Jamaican short stories. hopefully they will stop being so depressing! (the first 11 of the 22 in the book were mainly depressing, with sad endings involving people getting shot, losing their families, or being unhappy in some way.)

The end....perhaps i'll blog again when we return from the coast next week, or perhaps not until I get back. do watch this space for more fabulous insights on living in the big jamaican ghetto city! :-)

peace and love, man! ;-)