Thursday, September 30, 2004

yeah, yeah, yeah...

I know I suck at writing here. too bad. I'm busy.

Ords are over. final count: 2.5 pretty good, 1.5 questionable. So we'll see how that went--when the results come back in 6 weeks!!!

Classes, however, are distinctly not over. sadly.

I hate television. I just wanted to share that, because I am forced to watch television for one of my classes. This is terrible. I hate it. especially at night on a Tuesday. There is no good programming. There is no acting. There is nothing. television is futile. Worse: once you start watching, resistance to it is also futile. blah.

I actually thought of something I wanted to post here, but I've apparently forgotten it. It will come back to me, most likely at a time when I'm nowhere near a computer. If anyone remembers for me, please let me know, preferably by email so I will also remember while I am AT a computer. thanks.

happy almost-friday!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

2 down, 2 to go

ords, that is.
One went kind of badly. One went well.
I anticipate goodness in tomorrow's, and pray for a good passage for the take-home.

In the meantime, the hurricane is gone, leaving trees down (one is down at the church, actually--I'm looking at it out the window, blocking the walkway...), power out (in some places still out, though back on at school), and water everywhere. I hope this doesn't happen too much more, because the ground simply can't take any more water!

I'm ready for school to be done. Is that bad, since it just started?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

not Hartford, Hereford, or Hampshire

and thus, hurricanes happen much more than "hardly ever." Now, to be precise, I live in a place where we don't necessarily get the gale-force winds, but we do get the rain, rain, rain, and some of the wind.
In light of the excessive amount of rain brought by hurricanes, which are prevalent here, I am seeking answers to the following questions.
1. WHY build a freeway--designed to be a higher-speed driving surface than regular city streets--with cement instead of asphalt? Cement has a smoother surface and is mostly non-porous, compared to asphalt's rough surface and at least minimal porousness. This means that standing water is a regular occurrence on I-285, even if it's only been sprinkling--I'll leave to your imagination what that means when hurricane-downpours are underway for days on end. Who thought this was a safe and good idea?
2. Why cancel school today in anticipation of something expected to fully arrive later this afternoon? This is a similar question to the one about snow. In anticipation of a few flakes, they cancel school. At least in that case you can say "they're not used to it--they aren't prepared for snow and ice." In this case, however, they're used to it. It happens every year--hurricanes, thunderstorms, rain rain rain...even the occasional tornado. Wouldn't it be better to have kids and staff in a school building--even if the power went out for a bit--than to have them running around home while parents still have to go to a place where a falling tree could do significantlly more damage to the building of, say, a HOUSE, than it could to a SCHOOL built of cinder blocks?
3. Why are there hurricanes anyway?

Other news: here in not Hartford, Hereford, nor Hampshire, but in Decatur, I am getting ready for ordination exams. They are now less than 24 hours away. Theoretically I am reading right now. Clearly the theory and practice are not necessarily related at this time. but soon.

Monday, September 13, 2004


As usual, there is a lot of stuff going on. highlights:

1. Youth Group is off to a good start.
2. I only have one class on mondays.
3. Ordination exams are now just four days away.
4. I am craving starbucks.
5. My nectarines arrived today and they look fantastic.
6. The METS reunion was fantastic and some of us are planning to have a regular reunion of the "young single people" from our group.
7. Ordination exams are just four days away.
8. I have NOT finished reading either the book of confessions or Christian Doctrine. Or, for that matter, the Book of Order.
9. My absentee ballot is due tomorrow.
10. it is probably going to rain today. again.

Friday, September 10, 2004

crazy crazy

School has started. A stressful week all around, during which I found out I wasn't graduating. Then I was. Then I wasn't. Then I was again. So now, I am graduating in May because I'm taking an overload of classes--5 each long semester. I will in fact be going insane, so don't expect too much here.
In other news, I'm taking Ordination Exams next weekend. So really don't expect much until they are over! If I'm posting here a lot, that either means I'm at church for some reason or I'm procrastinating. if you see procrastination, please help me stop it. I don't have time for that with these exams coming up!

In still other news, life goes on. The power is on, the rain has stopped, and it's actually nice outside. And Fridays are great because I only have one class, so I get to spend some quality time with the chapel. yay!

Tonight: the METS reunion. so excited to see my travelling companions again! I have to go look at my pictures again. :-)

happy friday. be good!