Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ate, happy

I took a picture yesterday, but it wasn't what I really wanted...because I was too tired to spend the time making dinner last night. DST kicked my behind. So today you get a photo that illustrates both yesterday's and today's words. I ate this, and it is a happy thing.

this vegan tater tot casserole is nearly 500 calories per serving, but every one of them is worth it. So much delicious.

it does have actual vegetables in it--I used some I froze last year: broccoli, peppers, onions, etc--and a homemade potato corn chowder as the base. Just add meatless ground and tater tots, bake and...voila. yum.

(confession: I ate more after taking this picture.)

4th Sunday and Day 23 of the Lent photo-a-day challenge, all in one photo...


  1. tater tots are one of my secret passions. But I haven't had a tater tot since my kids grew up....sigh...

  2. Terri, there is a restaurant here that serves them as one of their sides--SO AWESOME.
    tater tot casserole is a fun comfort food experience that vegetarians rarely get to have. I'm so glad my aunt created the vegan recipe. :-)