Saturday, March 09, 2013


I was making soup tonight, and I couldn't find any rosemary. Now, the recipe didn't exactly call for rosemary, but when has a recipe ever constrained me?

As you can see, things are pretty easy to find in my spice cabinet. they're in alphabetical order, for goodness' sake. But I couldn't find rosemary anywhere.

Which could mean only one thing: I must have run out. How this is possible, I don't know. I stay pretty on top of the herb situation.

So of course I posted on facebook "how is it possible that I have run out of rosemary?"

a few minutes later I went back and this is what I found (the top window the part of the conversation that didn't fit on the screen) :

My friends are awesome. I may not find rosemary, but I did find a laugh.

Day 21 of Lent photo a day (apparently today was 2-photos-a-day!)

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  1. Spice cabinet share - love it! And pretty wonderful friends!