Saturday, March 30, 2013


I wanted to take a picture of the moon tonight. Not only because it's far far away, but also because it was incredibly gorgeous--sort of like a harvest moon, it's just a day or two past full, orange and heavy in the sky. When I saw it, it was hugging the horizon as if it didn't quite want to let go and rise all the way. Seriously, beautiful.

I don't know if you've ever tried to take a picture of the moon with your iPhone, but let's just say: it's too far away for that.
And there was actually a split second when I wondered if there was someplace I could drive to get a better know, closer.

umm, no. You cannot drive closer to the moon.

Now the moon is rising--I catch glimpses through the trees outside my house--and it is no longer orange, no longer strangely large. It's normal sized and normal white now.

But for a while, it was huge, and burnt orange, and amazing.

and it's Good Friday today, and I'm sure there's a metaphor there somewhere, about seeing something and not being able to get closer, but wanting to hold on to it anyway...

day 39 of Lent use-your-imagination format.

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  1. You could come out here, we're like 5000 feet closer to the moon.

    It won't make any difference to the picture though. . .