Friday, March 08, 2013

"no"... what you should say to yourself when the question is "should I, wearing dark clothes, ride a bike with no lights or reflective stickers at night?"

Because the answer to the question "do you see the cyclist in this situation?" will almost always be "no" until really close to too late:

Seriously: just say no to riding unmarked bikes at night while wearing dark clothes.

Bonus: he wasn't wearing a helmet either.


Day 20 of Lent photo a day: halfway there!


  1. Cyclists on the roads scare me silly. And that's when I can see them. I'm a little biased against cycling as when I lived in Tonga I had to cycle to work (and everywhere) wearing culturally appropriate long skirts and pain and humiliation ensued... stuck to the bike chain by my skirt in front of the police station while everyone gathered to laugh is an example. We really need more true bike paths... totally separated from roads!