Monday, March 18, 2013


When they're ready, they rise to the top.


I really love food. Good food is a joy and wonder in life. Of course, I'm also aware that I've gained weight during my stressful last few years, and I'd like to reverse that situation, so I'm paying attention to what I eat a little more than I have recently. I still eat what I like, and I still cook what I want, so I'm both watching how much I eat and being more intentional about skipping that stuff that's not that good anyway, it just fills you up in the right moment (aka, fast food--which I'm not eating for Lent anyway!).  May the good stuff rise to the top and the not-worth-it-stuff fall away.

portobello ravioli...yum.
day 29 of Lent photo a day (the count doesn't include Sundays!)

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