Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Winter in the upper midwest is dark.

Spring is not supposed to be, and we do have that whole Daylight Saving business (and I'll admit it's nice that it's light out when I leave work), but it this year it's been pretty cloudy-dark too. You know, what with all the snow that keeps falling all the freaking time.

But today as I was driving home, light broke through. And it was glorious! By the time I got home it was full-on sunny. At one point in the drive I was wishing for the ability to take photos and drive at the same time because there were totally god-rays coming down over a little pond....
And now I'm looking at a beautiful full moon out my window--so bright and clear it's lighting the night.

I got to drive toward the sunshine. aaaaaah...nice.
day 36 of Lent photo a day

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