Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am hungry after a LONG day (3 hours) of work in the seminary library. Today Jennifer and I went through two boxes of books and looked them up in the system, then classified the ones we don't already have. It's quite a project since neither of us has ever classified books before. Luckily I know some of the books or authors and almost all the subjects, so it's not TOO hard to figure out what a book is about and what kind of category it goes in.

Except, of course, for those books that defy easy classification by combining two or more topics into one. Or by using words that make it sound like one thing when it's really about something else...a tactic common among theologians and philosophers.

If only they could all be simple, like "commentary on Matthew" or "liberation theology in Luke" or something like that. What subject, exactly, do you use for a book like "hermeneutics as method, philosophy, and critique"????? Especially when I want to put it somewhere useful, like the sections I would look for something like that (biblical interpretation, homiletics, etc) but it maybe doesn't really go there? This is doubly complicated by the fact that we were working in an office, not the actual library, and couldn't just go to the stacks and see what was in those various sections. (The library is still full of dust and lacquer...see below.) grr.

I am now hungry, and don't know what to eat. Suggestions? (I had kraft mac-n-cheese yesterday, filling my ration for the suggestion, thanks!)

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