Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday Five: Pet Peeves

The RevGalBlogPals Friday Five...

1. Grammatical pet peeve: the misused apostrophe. Sadly, all over non-english speaking countries, and the south, the apostrophe works serious unpaid overtime. It absolutely drives me crazy--it's, your's, etc etc etc. grr.

2. Household pet peeve: trash on the counters. if you empty a box or package or wrapper, throw it away--don't leave it on the counter.

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve (movie theaters, restaurants, concerts): sticky floors. also talking during classical concerts, plays, operas, etc. the occasional whipsered comment is okay, but excessive use or full-voice should result in fines or something.

4. Liturgical pet peeve: energy-less worship leadership. like declarations of forgiveness or acclamations or whatever said with no enthusiasm whatever, just totally deadpan "we are forgiven. thanks be to god. alleluia. amen." without even a fluctuation in tone or pitch or ANYTHING. come on, people--this is GOOD NEWS!!! Is that how you share good news with your family? No. "mom! guess what! I got a job!" or "guess where she got into college!!?!?!?!" or "we're getting married" or whatever--good news requires a good energy, not life-sucking dreariness.

5. Wild card--pet peeve that doesn't fit any of the above categories: when people ask absurd questions designed to make you feel bad, i.e. "do you really want to eat that?" or "are you just going to leave that pile of paper on your desk?" or some such thing. I also really don't like for people to touch my hair. You need special permission to touch my hair, and few people get it, okay? I know it's gorgeous and whatnot, but unless you're blind I don't want you looking at my hair with your hands without permission. Thanks.

Bonus: Because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: What do YOU do that others might consider a pet peeve?: I have high expectations--maybe too high. Also I tend to make requests with a "do you want to ____" which apparently drives Jason up the wall.

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