Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Miracle of miracles, even!
I am mostly settled, even without my stuff.

Only my kitchen remains to be painted, due to the incredible efforts of my aunt Susan. wow.

I didn't just survive but thrived (throve?) this weekend in my first weekend "on"--I even did Saturday all by myself. Well, not really...it was the worship team and me, but no Richard (as we had agreed), and it was fab. I am currently saying that my "inner televangelist" came out a little. It was great.

While I was at church on Saturday evening, Susan was painting. She took down a vanity in the guest bathroom, and a few minutes later a 30"x36" mirror came crashing down off the wall. It shattered into a bazillion pieces--some huge and some miniscule. Amazingly, not one piece hit her, she had not a scratch...though she was standing right there. Miracle indeed.

It's my birthday this weekend. I'm going to New Hampshire. Jennifer's coming too. I'm really excited.

That's all for today. :-)

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