Saturday, December 22, 2007

guest shower

According to my brother, the shower head in the guest bathroom at my house "is like being spit on by a kid with no lips and no tongue. The water just falls out on you."

I've never heard a complaint about my guest shower until now (I also haven't ever used that shower and so had no idea I needed a new shower head in there).

This is a hilarious needed to be shared.

That's all--back to the sermon.


  1. Guests that complain about the accommodations can consider themselves part of a work camp. That's my philosophy, anyway.

  2. I am offended. My little brother was born with no lips and no tongue, and he used to spit water on me every Christmas Eve. It is one of my favorite Christmas memories. How could you, Teri?

  3. I second the new shower head purchase.