Thursday, September 29, 2005


arabic is finished, finally. the "exam" today was bearable. tomorrow il-hafla! (party) Tonight several of us celebrated the end of Arabic class by going out to Chilis for dinner. Yes, you read right: Chilis, on the Nile (literally--on an anchored cruise ship on the Nile, Zamalek side). lettuce, mozzarella sticks, milkshake, and amazing dessert. Most of our group got a hamburger-and-fries fix. Good times.

Coming soon: a post about our trip to Coptic Cairo and a sidebar called 'adventures in arabic' which will showcase some of our arabic-language missteps.

FYI: Tonight (Sept. 29) the time here in Egypt changes away from Daylight Savings. So in half an hour we are all going to set our clocks back an hour. Which means:
mom--you are now nine hours behind here;
atlanta mom--you are now 6 hours behind here...
until y'all do your time change dance over there.
so if anyone wants to call, please take that into account. thanks.

I start reading stories on Monday morning! I got my school schedule today, and it looks pretty good. no early mornings for me! My first class is at 10 on Monday and Tuesday, and at 10:40 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I do four storytimes on Monday and two all the other days for a total of 12 40-minute periods, with 20 6-year-old-girls in each period. AAA!! In the afternoons on T/Th I'll be helping with the English-Enrichment-Activity period in three classes each day (30 minutes each class of 40 girls). Apparently part of my job is to come up with some of these activities, too. hmmm....

anyway, i need to go to bed. all that food made me tired. goodnight...

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